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Horse market - quality foals and horses

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.17 13:52:04    

If you are selling horses you can post them here!

- do not forget the ID and name of your horse. (A link to it‘s page would be useful too)
- write down the price
- mention something about the horse

Good luck!

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.10.09 12:23:09    

Special Crossbred Mare For Sale has had 3 foals

  Verocs (7021) 16.10.25 00:52:04    

American thoroughbred foals for sale in every coulour - the patterned ones, too, just ask for them! They‘re perfect for starting a bloodline!

  Spirit15 (97538) 16.10.25 05:35:13    

There are 6 Oldenburg foals for sale. You can easily start a bloodline with them. Plus the is a brumbry for sale as well. There are also many other horses for sale.

  Verocs (7021) 16.10.26 00:43:29    

33 american thoroughbreds are still waiting to find their new owners! Lots of horses, lots of colours, even patterned ones! Start an american thoroughbred bloodline! Hurry up, and find the one(s) you need!

  Thowra1 (98845) 16.11.01 06:48:39    

Okay i have horses that i don‘t want listed under the Magic category of my stables. You can use them to star bloodlines as well. PM me if you want them. They will be sold at very low prices.

  MysticMoon (94820) 17.01.20 09:48:43    

I just put two horses for sale :D

  RimrockRanchEC (100724) 17.04.19 00:39:15    

Looking for Appaloosa patterned horses or pinto patterned horses to start my breeding plan! Draft-types even better! 8000 and under please :)

  Ayaveen (1) 17.04.25 13:12:59    

Welcome to Hokalovi! :)

If you are looking for foundation horses, you can grab them here: Foundation horse market - it‘s accessible from the Hokalovi village market

However if you are looking for high quality skilled horses, you have to buy them from other players.

  Spirit15 (97538) 17.08.18 07:48:20    

Horses for sale. As cheap as possible. They must go.

  SacredWonder (102330) 18.04.30 20:06:15    

Looking for some cheap characters bc i just got the game for the first time

  Sigyn (101727) 18.07.09 01:08:38    

I am looking for a female mustang to start a breeding line I wouldn’t mind filly or mare. I do not have any credits so I would need to buy it with zsz coins. Once I have bred another good standard female mustang I would be more than happy to give it to you as a thank you.
Please message me if you have one available thank you
P.s I’m not too bothered about colour or stats

  WhiteStallions (103568) 19.09.19 16:03:59    

Mirmiel id:1166206
has one offspring that is a colt
price 10000 Zsz (need the money to expand my barn )

  PonyLover1012 (103766) 20.09.13 03:33:11    

Two horses for sale currently:

Newborn Sprisumautwin colt, 100 pt docile, 15 talent points, costs 22259 zsz
ID: 1209868
Link: http://lonevelde.lovasok.hu/myhorse.php?lang=en&id=1209868

4.23 year old crossbred mare, 100 pt docile, 125 talent points, costs 29544 zsz
ID: 1209572
Link: http://lonevelde.lovasok.hu/myhorse.php?lang=en&id=1209572

  Honorwildlife (104410) 21.11.22 10:15:02    

Clean Crosbreed for sale Colt
ID: 1275388
113 Talent points
Summation: 537 pt
Taking offers!

  Honorwildlife (104410) 21.11.22 12:03:58    

Clean Crosbreed for sale MAre
ID: 1275407
154 pt Talent points
Summation: 479.556 pt
Taking offers! I just started so all ZSZ will help me a lot


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