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Horse market - quality foals and horses

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.17 13:52:04    

If you are selling horses you can post them here!

- do not forget the ID and name of your horse. (A link to it‘s page would be useful too)
- write down the price
- mention something about the horse

Good luck!

  KatnissEverdeen (104669) 23.03.11 22:25:46    

Selling a couple of high talent, nice, Selle français Filly foals.
Check my horse room = RACE.

  Titania (52161) 23.03.17 11:28:57    

[AdM] Iberian Pride, a promising C category military racing horse is for sale for the lowest available price.
He will win every race if you do not train him anymore.
For beginner racers (less than 2000 first places) I am willing to give him for free.
Important note: can‘t be used for breeding. If you don‘t want to race him anymore, I buy him back.
To see what he is capable of, here is an other example trained in the same way with 800.000+ Zsz. winnings: [AdM] Iberian Treasure

  Rhiannon66 (101845) 23.03.19 04:20:21    

I raise Cross Country Mustangs and Celestials. As well as Western Pleasure Paso Fino of my bloodlines. If you wish to purchase one just let me know. I‘ll breed one for you at lowest sell price.

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