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Hokalovi Quiz Game

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(ID: 108) Which horse would not have feathering?
Gypsy Vanner

(ID: 52) Which coat color does NOT exist?
Fleabitten grey
Pear gray
Rose gray
Dapple gray

(ID: 28) At what season come the mares in a infertile(not being able to get pregnant) period?
Summer. Because summers are often too hot and the foal might get a heat stroke.
Winter. That is to prevent that the foal are born in the harshest season.
Autumn/fall. So she has energy to save up winter fur to the winter.
Spring. Because it is often too cold for her to lay down and give birth.

(ID: 6) Horse domestication dates to approximately ...
8000-10000 BC
5000-5500 BC
2000-1000 BC
3500-4000 BC

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