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Hokalovi Quiz Game

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(ID: 96) What is this height? 14.2 hands / 58 inches / 147 cm
Mean withers-height of Falabella
The cutoff limit in western races
The traditional standard border for height of a horse or a pony
The height of a horse or a pony at maturity in Australia

(ID: 51) Where is the horse‘s withers?
Withers is a line at the edge of hooves
Withers is another name of the croup
At the highest point of the horse: the top of the ears
Above the shoulder, at connection of the neck and the back

(ID: 25) What three terms are used to describe leg markings on horses?
Uneven, partial and stockings.
Too much, too little and just enough.
Random white, even and high white.
Irregual, partial and high white.

(ID: 104) Which horse is the most common race horse?
Andalusian horse
Barb horse
English Thoroughbred

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