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Hokalovi Quiz Game

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(ID: 86) What is the training scale in general?
Contact, Relaxation, Rhythm, Impulsion, Collection, Straightness
Rhythm, Relaxation, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness, Collection
Impulsion, Rhythm, Relaxation, Collection, Contact, Straightness
Relaxation, Contact, Impulsion, Rhythm, Straightness, Collection

(ID: 85) What is the Piaffe?
The horse changes leads at the canter every stride
A very collected trot with great elevation of stride
A 360 or 180 degree turn in place, usually performed at the canter
A calm, composed, elevated trot in place

(ID: 30) How good?

(ID: 50) What is the oldest breed of horse?
Egyptian arabian
Icelandic horse
Mongolian wild horse

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