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Hokalovi Quiz Game

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(ID: 101) What does the horse pull in harness racing?

(ID: 32) Where does the name Quarter Horse come from?
They‘re the fastest horses in races of a quarter mile or less
They have spots that look like quarters
The name of the first official Quarter Horse stallion was Quarter
They can walk 10 miles in a quarter of an hour

(ID: 14) A modern domestic horse has a life expectancy of ...
30 - 35 years
25 - 30 years
20 - 25 years
35 - 40 years

(ID: 28) At what season come the mares in a infertile(not being able to get pregnant) period?
Autumn/fall. So she has energy to save up winter fur to the winter.
Winter. That is to prevent that the foal are born in the harshest season.
Spring. Because it is often too cold for her to lay down and give birth.
Summer. Because summers are often too hot and the foal might get a heat stroke.

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