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Hokalovi: game description and answers to frequently asked questions

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Help section

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How to get horses in the game:
In the game you have three options for that. The first one is to import one, but you can get only low ability horses this way. The option of importing can be found on the market of the village, you need to select the Import horses menu there (under the message board). Remember, the number of boxes indicates the number of horses you can keep. The second option is to visit the horse sale (Players\Horses menu at the top) and browse horses offered for sale by the community. In this way you can get better horses, but they cost more than imported foundation horses. A third possibility is looking for a suitable mare and stallion and mate them.
If you breed don't forget, quality is more important than quantity. The goal of this game is to breed better and better horses. Think through cleverly how to train well, and at the same time gain wealth and popularity.
Location of pages:
- Hokalovi village > Hokalovi marketplace > Foundation horses menu (above, under the message board)
- Players/Horses in the upper menu bar > Horses > selecting the conditions under which you are looking for a horse
- Page of your horse's care > there Breeding, or you can search a sire for your mare in the Players/Horses menu.

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Age and education of a horse: turns, plane of time and action points:
The game is turn based, so you have full control over time, you decide when it passes. During a turn you get 15 action points to spend on each horse. You can use these points for gaining wealth, taking care or training your horse. When you take a turn, it wont affect all of your horse, just the one you selected. This way you can work and play with your horses speratedly. If you won't play with the parents, it's possible, that a foal becomes older than them. You have full control over time, it's completely up to you how you want to age your horse and how much you want to play.
A turn means 1 week for your horse. If you take a turn, the horse will become older by a week, and you can use 15 action points again. Each action affect your horse's ability, condition, mood, outlook or weight in some way. It is important to try and use your action points in the best possible way. The key to success is to figure out what action combinations are the best for given situations and goals. Make sure you won't neglect your horse during the action point schedules (but still get the best out of your virtual equines)!

If a foal is born or you buy a young import horse, at first you can't use action points with them. In this case simply take turns with them, during these turns they spend time with their mother that takes care of them. If the foal is older than six months, you can start working with it. Your first task with young or untamed horses is to earn their trust and tolerance towards various tacks and equipments. Most of the time breaking in usually takes one year, but it depends on the horse. If a horse is saddle trained, you can start your training, working and exercising schedule with it.
You can train a horse until the age of 20 if it reached at least 5000 skill points, in this case you won't able to train it further. If your horse haven't reached the 5000 points yet, but it is older than 20 years, you can train it until it reaches 5000 skillpoints. Horses at the age of 31 retire to the "Hóka stud and asylum". After this you can't take care of them, but you can visit them in the asylum.
Don't forget, you can find plenty of useful tips in the Community House section of the forum (you can also ask questions about Hokalovi tere)!
If you look at your horse's care page, you can take turns with this button:

the option for new turns

Example for action points and the available actions when the horse is tamed.
actions and action points on a tamed horse’s page

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The quick turn system:
If you activate the quick turns on your account, you will be able to do automatic training turns with your horses. This means you don't have to spend all 15 action points seperatedly, the system will do it for you. To use this method, first you have to activate the quick turns. You can do this at the bottom of the Settings menu. Please note, you have to reactivate the quick turn system every 30 days. To do this, just choose an available method listed at the settings page. After you activated the function, the quick turn will be accessible at the bottom of your hore's page. To use it, just choose a training type for A and B. If you want to use only one method, just choose the same for both A and B.
Important: to use the quick turn, your horse need to have 15 free aciton points, and it should be saddle trained.
While you do the quick turns hokalovi will automatically feed&water your horse, and it will also clean it's box. (always make sure that you have enough forage. The quick turn method won't warn you if you don't have enough in your storage, but your horse will become skinny if you don't realise it)
Before you start using the quick turns, make sure, that your horse has a proper weight. (otherwise it will gain less points)
Important: the quick turn method is convenient, but if you want to train champions with very high skill, you should use the slow method. (the quick turns give your horse a little lower amount of skill than the slow method)

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Breaking in and taming horses:
You can start taming and breaking in your horse when they are at least 6 months old. A horse will be saddle trained if Trust and Halter tolerance reaches 100% separately on their data sheet (those can be found on the horse's care sheet, below Outlook). Please note, if the text says that the horse is saddle trained, you cannot see these two values anymore, but both of them are at 100%. The process of beaking in and taming is very simple. You need to do the action highlighted in red (on the right side) every turn. It costs 15 action points, so in that turn there is nothing else to do, but don't forget neccessary tasks in the horse's stall ( feeding, watering, cleaning stall). If you are done with that, you just have to take a turn. With this method the two value (trust and halter tolerance) will grow after each turn. The goal is to reach 100% with both!

This is an ideal turn for breaking in:
Present tacks & socialize > Stall > Feed > Water > Clean the box > Take turn
It takes 1 - 1.5 years until you succesfully tame your horse. When it becomse saddle trained a lot of new options will be available for your horse.
It is important, that your virtual pal must be saddle trained to earn Zabszem with work!
A ló belovaglásához fontos akció

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Horse care: feeding, watering, cleaning stall...
If your horse is older than six months, clicking the Stall menu on your horse's care sheet you will be able to acces 3 new options. These are Water, Feed and Clean the box. For the appropriate comfort and well being of your horse you need to complete these tasks in every turn. They does not cost action points, so it won't influence your action point schedule. Remember, you need forage to feed your horse (You can buy more in the Hokalovi Village's marketplace). Each feeding uses one unit from the available forage stock. Purchased forage can be found in your Storage!
Missing feeding, watering and cleaning the stall will affect the following things:
> Outlook, Mood, Energy, Weight (that's why you should not forget these during turns!)

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Weight, energy and mood of your horse:
The weight of your horse has an impact on its morale and performance. If you do not give him enough feed, he will lose too much weight, his condition will deteriorate and could even fall ill. In addition to losing weight you also have to be aware that your horse should not get fat. You have to feed your horses in every turn but also excersie them a bit too, so they won't become bored or unhappy.
If your horse is too thin, do not push him too hard in your turn and do no forget to feed it regurarly. After a few turns like this your horse will be healthy and it's condition will be acceptable again. If your horse becomes too "round", you have to exercise and work him more during the upcoming turns (do this until his weight is restored).
The energy of your horse affects whether it could succesfully complete a task or not. If your horse is too tired, you need to recharge it's energy first. If you let him out to the pasture, give him a treat or show him some kindness, it will revive and refresh him. Energy is very important during training and exercise. You must always calculate how to get the best out of your horse with giving him enough rest. Important: if you neglect the feeding or watering of your horse, he will have less energy in the next turn.
The mood of your horse determines how much he listen to you during actions. If your horse is sad or less enthusiastic, he could become stubborn and refuse instructions. In this case you have to improve his mood. (e.g. stroking, treating, letting out for some grazing...)
Important: your horse's mood has an effect on it's performance and determines whether you can instruct him within a turn or not. (Forgeting feeding, watering and stall cleaning also affects the mood of your horse)
Tip: a good quality pasture has a positive effect on your horse's mood and energy after every turn taking!

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Training, planning and starting your schedule
The training and starting a proper schedule are based on the principle to use the 15 free action points in the most efficient way in a round. If your horse is older than six months then you can begin to gain trust towards people and equipments. In the "Breaking in and taming horses" menu you can find how to break in and tame your horse.
If your horse becomes saddle trained you can start serious training with him. The aim of training and excersizing is to increase the skill points of your horse and strengthen certain skills. The skill points affect the value of your horse, it's race results, the place on the rankings and the abilities of offsprings.

On your horse's care sheet you can find all the training options on the right:

the training options

The picture shows 8 training methods available. If you put your cursor over the different images on your horse's data sheet, you can find out exactly what they mean and how they affect your horse (This menu is visible only if your horse is saddle trained). You have to experiment and figure out the best combinations for action point usage during your horse's life. With a well planned training method you can effectively train and exercise any horse. To build your own trainin schedule you can find a lot of useful tip and information in the Community House part of the forum. Please note, you need to pay attention to your horse's energy and mood during the training. These two elements define when you can use a given training method. If your horse is too sad or doesn't have enough energy, you have to cheer him up or refresh him before you proceed with the training.

Tip: it should be a priority to train a horse for competitions. You should strenghten the skills required for the race you want to compete in. As for the star table, every green star represents 100 skill points (except for the first, you get it immediately if a skill is higher than zero). As for the levels, 200 skill point in the same row gives your horse one level for the trait (skill levels are very important for races).

The maximum skill point for a trait (stamina, speed...) is 2000. If a horse is older than 20 years, it is still trainable until it reaches 5000 skill point. If your horse reached 5000 points, you cannot train him anymore after he is older than 20 years (A horse can have more than 5000 points if he reaches this cap before he becomes 20 years old).

The horse's docility is a key factor for training. The higher this skill is the more points your horse gets during training!

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Undertaking jobs in exchange for action points
If your horse is saddle trained, then the Jobs menu will appear on it's care sheet at bottom right corner. Three different options are available for your horse. All of them costs a given number of action points and they offer a fix income of Zabszem each time you use the job. This way you can convert the action points of your horses into Zabszem. Munka a lovaiddal

Just move the cursor over the picture right on your horse's data sheet, and you can find out how much action points you need to use them, and how much Zabszem can you earn with doing the job. Note: Working with crossbred horses, donkeys and mules results in a higer Zabszem income than with "normal" horses. This three breed are considered working horsesn in the game. It is best to use the petting zoo with them! (Bonus for crossbreds: +50Zsz/work, bonus for donkeys: +55Zsz/work, bonus for mules: +60Zsz/work)

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Your horse's abilities: stars and talent points
One of the most important rules while taking care of your horses, is to concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Good horses are born with skills around 1700, and docility with at least 90%. Talent points are also key elements in measuring the value of a horse. The star table represents the training level of your horse. A green star equals 100 points (the first star will be awarded when the skill is over 0). Stars and skill points can be developed through training. Your horse can have a maximum of 20 stars in a trait (e.g. speed). You can read more about training HERE!
After their birth every horse has a certain amount of stars (it can also be 0). A foal inherits its basic stars from it's parents. You can increase the points given at birth after taming the horse. When your horse reaches 20 years of age you can't train it further if it has at least 5000 skill points (if your horse is older than 20 years, but has less tan 5000 points, you can train him until he reaches this limit).
The basic sale value of your horse always depends on its skill points (this value is a fix number. When you want to sell your horse you can't sell it lower than this)! The more star the horse have the more valuable it is in case of breeding or racing.
Talent points:
these stats never increase or decrease during the horse's life. The foal inherits them from his parent, and similar to docility, it's not a changeable skill. The talent point determines how good is a horse in a given trait (e.g. speed). The higher talent points he gets for a trait the more he can succeed in competitions which needs that ability. Talent points can be increased slightly with each new generation. They are arranged at birth, and they represent the foal's star table at birth (they will be divided similarly in each trait). Talent points in each field are inherited from the dam or sire. For example a foal can inherit speed talent points from it's father but he will inherit the talent points for stamina from it's mother and so on (you are lucky if he inherits the highest points in every field). The inherited points will be added together, and they will be rearranged according to the foals birth stars. (It's worth to mate horses who have similar rate of talent point in term of skills, it's less risky this way). Please also note, the summed number of talent points a foal will inherit will be affected by and other factor too. It is the parent's ability to pass down their skills for their foals.
Rules for the ability of passing skills to offsprings:
A horse passes it's talent points in 100% if it has at least three different abilities with these criteria:
- one of them is at least 1500
- the other is at least 800
- the third is at least 400 points (Otherwise the horse will pass down only a part of its talent points).
Make sure, the chosen mare and stud stallion is eligible according to this rule (otherwise the foal will be of low quality). In some cases exceptional foals can born with more talent points than what they got from their parents. There is no upper limit for talent points, they can rise continually by mating the best horses.

Tip: There is a bigger chance of success by mating two horses with similar star table and talent point distribution!

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Everything about docility
The docility of horses cannot be changed! The foal is born with this value and there is no way to increase it during the horse's life. Docility is a key value for training, the higher it is the more points your horse will get. Best foals are born with close to 100% docility. A registered bloodline will be official if someone reaches the docility level of 90% during the breeding.
Rules for inheriting docility:
The foal inherits it's docility from it's mother or father. This value can be slightly lower or higher compared to the father's or the mother's docility. In case of import horses the goal is to breed foals with higher docility than their parents (it is random). Thus with long and hard work you can reach 100% docility with the offsprings of import horses after several generations.

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Selling horse to other players or the village
You can sell your horses to other players or the Hokalovi Village. If you want to sell them to an other player, then you need the the settings menu at your horse's care page under it's image (Sett.) This menu is the rightmost one. There you need to scroll down the page until you find the sales menu. If you follow the instructions there, your horse will be visible on the market for the other players, and and depending on your preferences anybody can buy it (you can also reserve a horse for a certain player). In this case you have to wait until somebody likes your offer and purchases your horse. If somebody buys a horse from you, it will be transfered to it's new owner immediately, and the transaction will be shown in your office as an income.
Important: every horse has a minimum price in the game and you can't sell them cheaper than that. This basic price depends on the horse's skills, the more points a horse has the higher its basic price is! So every horse has opportunity in the game because they cannot be sold for pennies. The purchasers can decide what price range they can afford in case of buying a new horse.
If you need free stalls or Zabszem, you have the chance to sell your horses to Hokalovi Village. This way the sold/retired horse will be added to the shelter, but you can visit him later. Please note that the horses in the shelter belong to Hokalovi Village, so you cannot take care of them anymore. You can't buy horses from the shelter, so once you sold your horse to the village, you will never get it back!

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Registering horse as a stud stallion:
If you have a mature stallion, you can register him on the stud list. It is important that a stallion can cover only 4 times during a turn! If your stallion already covered 4 times in the current turn, you have to take a turn if you want to use more coverings (age him by a week). If you register your horse as a stud stallion, you have the oppotunity to offer a private covering to only a certain player. Registered stud stallions will be visible for other players on the search list when they look for coverings. If your stallion offers public coverings, a player can choose any mare to cover your horse (if he pays for the covering price of course). When someone chooses your stallion, it will be shown in in your office as an income.
If you want to be succesful with your stud stallion, you have to make sure he has appealing skills and talent points (a good bloodline can be a plus too). The best stud stallions are usually around or over 20 years old (In most cases, by this age they reached their full poitential with proper training). When you decide the price for a covering, note that the mare owner has to pay plus 5000 Zsz for the vet! So if your stallion covers for 7000 Zsz, the mare owner must pay 5000+7000, ie 13000 Zsz in total (but only the 7000 Zsz is yours, the other part goes to the vet). The horse can be registered as a stud stallion by following the appropriate instructions on the care sheet (bottom right hanging menu on the edge called "Sett.", it is under your horse's image). Don't forget geldings can't reproduce!

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Horse breeding: mating, mares and foals:
If you have a mare that reached sexual maturity and less than 20 years old, you can breed her with a stallion that also reached sexual maturity. When you look for a stallion, it can be your own horse, or you can search the registered stud stallion in the "Players\Horses" menu.
Every horse reaches sexual maturity at the age of two. After this only mares has a maximum age limit (20) for breeding. If stallions are oldel than 2 years, they can reproduce until they retire or become geldings. Gestation takes 11 months (44 ingame weeks) for a pregnant mare. Don't forget she can't deliver her foal if you don't have at least one free stall on your farm (in this case you can't take the last turn in the mare's gestation period). As for stallions, they can only reproduce 4 times every turn (this number won't stack up for the next turns!). If your stallion doesn't have any breedings left for his turn, just take turn with it, and he will have 4 chances again. Please note, geldings and mules can't reproduce!
Foals always inherit their characteristics from the parents. There is a genetic system on hokalovi, so every trait of your horse is based on it's genetics he/she inherited from the parents. As for coat colors they also appear in your horse's genes. A horse can have dominant and recessive color genes. The dominant is the color of the horse's coat you can see it. Recessive color genes are unseenable, but they are still there, and they can even appear in offsprings with the right conditions.
The characteristics and talents are inherited from the parents. The best foals are born with almost 100% docility and 1700 or a bit higher skill points. If you look at the different traits (e.g. speed), the foal may inherit it from it's mother or father. Each inborn trait is inherited from either the dam or sire.
The foal usually gets 1/3 of the parent's traits in every field (depending on which parent passes that value). You can read more about talent points and green stars HERE! If you want to breed with your own stallion, visit your mare's page and choose the breeding tab (under the horse's image). Type in your stallion's ID number and accept the breeding. If you breed with your own horse, the breeding is free but you have to pay 5000Zabszem for the vet! So the cost for breeding with your own horse is 5000 Zzsz (You can't avoid paying it).
If you want to choose an other player's stud stallion, visit the "Players\Horses" menu, and choose the stud stallion option. If you like a horse, visit it's page and look at the bottom right corner. You can see the mating option and the list of your mares there. Please note, breeding with other player's horse costs at least 7000Zsz, and you still have to pay the 5000Zsz for the vet. This means, if a breeding costs 7000Zsz, you will pay 12000 Zsz in the end (7000+5000).
If you do one of the options above, your mare becomes pregnant, and after 44 weeks (turns), you can help her deliver the foal(s). There is a slight chance for twins.

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Geldings and castration:
If you have a stallion you can castrate it to prevent further breeding and give your horse a slight boost in competitions. Please note, if you decide to castrate your horse it's not reversible! After castration, your stallion or colt will become a gelding. Geldings can't reproduce anymore.
To castrate a horse you have to visit it's care page and choose settings on the horse's page (bottom right area under the horse's image). Search for the function and read the related info there to use it. (There are no age limit for castration)

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Crossbred and purebred horses:
If you breed horses from the same breed, the foal will be of this breed too. (the only exception is the unizus, in this case the breed of your foal isn't guaranteed)
If you mate horses from different breeds, the horse will be a crossbred. Please note, if you cross a donkey with a horse, their offspring will be a mule.
(In some cases if you cross a pegazus and an unicorn, the foal may become an unizus, but this isn't guaranteed either)
There are no difference between crossbred or purebred horses in skillpoints or performance (but in some cases crossbreds can't enter special competitions). The only notable difference is the fact that crossbred horses have a job bonus. If you spend their action points on jobs, they will get +50 Zsz. bonus each time! (This compensates the fact that they can't enter every race)

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Work horses: donkey and mule (+crossbred horses)
In Hokalovi, every job taken in exchange for a horse's action point earns you a ceratin amount of Zabszem. (You can read more about jobs and the work horse bonuses HERE). You can't buy foundation crosbreds, donkeys or mules, they should be bought from other players who breed them. (Some info: mules are born from the crossing of a horse and donkey, they are the only breeds that can't reproduce on hokalovi). If you want to learn more about crossbreds, click HERE.
Tip: if you exchange the action points for jobs, these breeds earn you some bonus Zabszem with every job you do. This means, it is best to use the petting zoo with them, because this way you will get a bonus for every action point spent on jobs. (Mules have the best bonus value, so you should buy one from the sales, when you have the chance).

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Limited and special horses (e.g. pegasus, unicorn, brumby and mustang...)
These breeds aren't accessible for zabszem as a foundation horse, or they can't be purchased at all. Usually you can buy them from other players in the "Players\Horses" menu. If you want to buy fundation/import special or limited horses, visit the Hokalovi Village's marketplace, and choose the "Foundation Horses" menu from above (Foundation horses are either used for registering new bloodlines or spreding newly added breeds on hokalovi).
Special or limited horses are the very same to regular breeds (except for price, rarity and coat type). They are breedable, and you can train and compete with them the very same way. Some special horses have a unique ability to give their owner a magical ingredient (for example Skinfaxi can give you eternal fire). There is slight change to get these items, if you take a turn with your special horse after using all 15 action points.
Limited horses are the brumby, zebra, mustang and donkey. (except for donkeys the others can be purchased for kredit). It is important, that brumbys and mustangs are of the wild horse category. When the asylum will be up again, if you are lucky, you will be able to catch wild brumbys and mustangs that wandered there (the fee is 7000Zsz to catch them).
Important: the unizus breed has a different breeding method. If you breed a pegazus and an unicorn, the foal can be a crossbred or an unizus. If you breed an unizus pair, the foal can be an unizus, a pegazus, an unicorn or a cross. Breeding unizus is a bit harder than breeding regular breeds.

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Editing the data of your horses (e.g. name changes, uploading images...)
Most of these functions are accessible on your horse's page (just visit the "Sett." menu under your horse's image). If you want to sell your horse to other players or the hokalovi village you can find this function on the horse's settings page too. Please note, to access every function you have to scroll down in the box of the horse settings. Each function has a description, and some of them are protected by your password. You can name or geld your, but you can even sell or register your horse a stud stallion here.
You can change your horse's image too on this settings page. Please note, to upload an image for your horse, you need to activate image uploading first for that horse. This activation costs a white gem or a credit.

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Horse sports and rider sports on the site:
If you visit your horse's page, you can find a "Career" buttom in the middle menubar. You can compete with your horse there, and you can also see his achievements.
Currently you can compete in: dressage, gallop, jumping, carriage driving, cross-country, trotting, polo, military, barrel racing, cutting, western pleasure
(The last three race types are western competitions). You can race with any horse that is at least 3 years old, saddle trained, and haven't raced in it's turn yet. You can also find the advised skill levels for each competitons there and here.
For example, carriage driving needs the following: Stamina (Lv2+), Discipline (Lv+6), Teamwork (Lv7+)
This means the stamina should be at least level 2 (400 points), the discipline should be at least level 6 (1200 points), and the teamwork should be at least level 7 (1400 points). With this your horse will show it's maximum potential during the race. (please note, talent points will give a slight boost for their trait)

Advised skill levels for different competitons:
- Dressage: Gait (Lv4+), Teamwork (Lv5+), Discipline (Lv6+)
- Gallop: Gait (Lv1+), Teamwork (Lv2+), Stamina (Lv4+), Speed (Lv8+)
- Jumping: Stamina (Lv2+), Teamwork (Lv3+), Speed (Lv+4), Gait (Lv6+)
- Carriage driving: Stamina (Lv2+), Discipline (Lv+6), Teamwork (Lv7+)
- Cross-country: Speed (Lv+4), Gait (Lv4+),Stamina (Lv7+)
- Trotting: Teamwork (Lv2+), Discipline (Lv2+), Stamina (Lv+3), Speed (Lv8+)
- Polo: Gait (Lv2+), Teamwork (Lv4+), Stamina (Lv+4), Speed (Lv5+)
- Military: Dressage + Steeple-Chase + Cross-country (for steeple-chase you need speed, jumping and stamina)
- Barrel racing: Gait (Lv3+), Teamwork (Lv6+), Speed (Lv6+)
- Cutting: Speed (Lv2+), Gait (Lv4+), Teamwork (Lv9+)
- Western pleasure: Teamwork (Lv2+), Discipline (Lv5+), Gait (Lv8+)

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How to achieve a good place with your horses:
If you've read the previous part, you know that you can access your horse's career page on it's care page (look for the "Career" menu in the middle). On the career page, you can find the available competiton types and the advanced skill levels for them. Each skill level means 200 points, so if a race type needs level 2 for speed, this means to compete well, your horse needs at least 200 points in speed. It is easier to look at stars, two green stars equals one level for your horse. If you want to get the highest ranking possible in a race, you have to pay attention to the advised skill levels, and make sure, each of theese traits have enough skill points. It is important that the advised skills should have a similar scale compared to each other (or else your horse can't compete with it's maximum potential even when he has enoguh skills).
It is also a good thing, if yoou train the other skills a bit too (the ones weren't mentioned as an advised trait). if you want to keep the scaling advised, you can concentrate on the other skills too, to earn a little bonus during competitions. Please note, having a horse with a good talent point ratio is also a key element in succeeding.
You can find training and racing tips on the forums.

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Races organized by other players:
Unfortunately this function is currently down, because we want to revise it a bit. Currently you can only compete in local races at the arena. Just visit your horse's care page to reach them.
Player created races will be private or public, and can have a maximum of 10 horses. They will be an other method of collecting Zabszem and toplist points.
If you want to organize a different kind of race (for example a drawing competiton), you can advertise on the public forums! :)
To reach this event forum, click HERE!

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Important information about the toplist
If you want to compete with other players, the best place for this is the toplist. You can find several listings and rankings there, if you click the "Toplist" button from the main menubar at the top. The toplist consists of two parts. One of them is the rankings for players and the other one is the rangkins for horses. (later it will be expanded for vets, trainers and bloodlines, and many more things...)
If you choose the rankings for horses, you can narrow the listings to a specigic breed, and you can also view the rankings for different competition types. To display the toplist for the competitons, you have to click the image representing the race type (on the horse area of the toplist).
If you visit the front page and click the "Stat." button on the right hanging menubar, you will see your place in the different categories.
On the player profiles you can see a ranking. This represents the place the player has in the monthly toplist. Please note, on Hokalovi every month is a new start for those who want to invade the toplist. At the beginning of every month, the monthly points will fall to zero, so everyone can start working to become the best again.

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Zabszem (currency)
Zabszem is the main currency for hokalovi.
(actually it's a hungarian word, be we decided not to translate it, because it sounds fun. The true meaning for Zabszem is "corn bud" haha.)
You can find your available reserve on the top of the page next to your name. At the beginning you have 10.000 Zsz. to spend. When you first registered you have a starter horse. She is a crossbred called Mirmiel. It is best not sell her, because you can use her action points to earn Zabszem with a slight bonus.
There are many ways to earn Zabszem (competitions, answering the quiz correctly, selling horses, doing jobs, events, selling tacks, graphics ...)

For the most common and easy way you should read the following parts of the manual:
- Crossbred and purebred horses
- Work horses: donkey and mule (+crossbred horses)

What happpens if I run out of Zabszem, and I don't even have a horse to work with?
You shouldn't worry about this. You can still collect money with the quiz, but you will also gain a new crosbred horse if you dont have enoguh Zabszem and horse (the systems gives her to you automatically). This way, even if you don't have anything, you don't have to restart the game.

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Quiz points:
Quiz points act a secondary currency in our game. You can view your available amount at the "Stat." menü at the front page (or you can check it in your profile page). You can earn them with the quiz game. Just click the "Quiz" menu at the stop to start. You will get a test, you can come back and complete it any time you want. If you leave the page your test still remains the same, so while you search for the answer you don't have to worry about getting new questions. If you answered all four correctly, you will earn 1 quizpoint. (The English part of the quiz is pretty empty now, so it is advised to solve as many as you can ;))
You can even ask for help at the forum dedicated to our quiz game.
To access the help section for the quiz answers click HERE!

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Credits act as a secondary currency in our game. They can be bought for real money. Your available credits can be found at the top of the page. If you click the amount at the top, you can access the purchase and information page for credits. With them you can buy collectible things, convenience functions, special horses and many more.
Later you will be able to sell credits to other players. (We are testing this function currently to make sure it's safty is at maximum)
Unfortunately the english version doesn't have any credit purchasing methods yet. (and most of the things isn't activated related to credits)
If you want to activate image uploading for your horses, instead of credits you should hunt for wite gems.
You can access the credit page HERE!

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Magical items and gems:
Gems are important items on the game, sometimes they function as a secondary currency (mainly at the wishing well, or image activation). You can find your gems in the Storage (front page). They are the only items that can't be sold to other players, this is why they are valuable, you have to collect them yourself.
To collect gems, you have to use all 15 action points of a hosre and take a new turn with this (you will have a slight chance this way to find a gem).
Magical items can be collected from some of the special breeds (e.g. pegazus, ....). They are valuable materials for the upcoming crafting system. They will be necessary for crafting high level equipments. They can be found the same way like gems. Take turn with a horse who doesn't have any action points left. Please note, the available magical ingredients are connected to a special breed (you can find the list bellow). You can find every item with a breed it is connected to.
If you are lucky, your special horse will award you a magical item.

The available magical ingredients:
- Magic Feather (pegazus, unizus)
- Stardust (unicorn)
- Ethernal Fire (skinfaxi)
- Hoarfrost (hrímfaxi)
- Deepsea Pearl (kelpie)
- Fae petal (Equisylph)
- Silk tuft (lupercia)
- Chraspa Bell (chraspa)

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How can you become successful and popular:
As we mentioned many times before, quality is more important than quantity. Try to keep good horses and compete in races regularly. Breeding good foals or offering high quality coverings can increase your rankings too. Collecting zabszem and quizpoints is also a matter of prestige.
Try to look at the toplist and see the available listings, choose one that can be conquered by you too, and try to focus on them. It is also a good idea to look at the profiles and horses of the top players. You may learn some useful tips from them.
Actiavating the horse categories on your profile can help others who are interested in your horses. Try to create an easy to understand and use grouping for your horses. (you can activate it in your settings menu)
Being active and helpful on the forums can also help you gain more fame and popularity. Creating a nice avatar and profile is also a good step in making your game more noticable.
We hope you will achive your goal! Do not forget, you can always ask on the forums! :)

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Profile, avatar and signature:
You can edit your profile, avatar and signature at the setting menu (You can find it at the main menubar, or click HERE). On the settings page choose the "Edit profile" part, highlighted with a green box under the message wall.
At this page you can freely edit your page. Please don't forget to read the game rules and the additional notes on this page!
A good profile is one of the first steps to get popular :)

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Forum, friend list and private messages:
To enchance your gaming experience you can use several community features. One of these are the forums, the private messages and the firend list. While you use these the first rule is to be polite with everyone no matter what they do or how they act. The forum has many many sections and topics. To find the places you like, just look around :)
(before posting on the forums, make sure you understand and read the forum and game rules. You can find them in the official zone of the forum, as a sperate thread)
You can also add friends. Please note your friends are invisible to others, so don't make a race from adding more and more players to your list, even though you don't even know them. If you add someone as a friend he/she has to accept it before it becomes official.
If someone is harassing you, the black list can be useful. Just add him/her to the list, and the player won't be able to contact you.
Don't forget, most of the community features work with the ID of a ceartain player. (You can find the IDs on their profiles)

If there are things we haven't covered enough or you have questions, feel free to ask them HERE! :)

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