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Dear visitors and parents,

You can find all the important information about our history and goals here:
The main site lovasok.hu is the biggest hungarian media company dealing with horses. In the equine world we have more than 10 years of history, specilaists and professionals are using our site everyday. While we offer different services and a great well developed market to our users, one of our main goals is to gather and introduce new people to the world of horses.

Our horse sim game Hokalovi was created to simulate this unique equine lifestyle. More than five years ago Hokalovi was just a simple text based RPG for kids and horse enthusiast. Due to it's sucess the first automatic php version was created approximately three years ago. Ever since we developped and edited our game to fulfill the wishes of our players and offer a nice gaming experience. Hokalovi is based on reality but you can also find some horse mithology to make the game more deep and colorful. While playing you can create your strategy to run your very own farm full with virtual horses. We even have a quiz game edited by our community, participants can learn interesting facts after validating the answers.
Our staff values every opinion and our community is friendly and helpful. To keep the site neat, the selected volunteer moderators are constantly monitoring the contents uploaded and added by our members. The strict rules and mechanics are created to protect younger players too. The game is turn based so everyone can decide when and how much she/he wants to play. There are no limitations to the number of turns, so you don't have to worry if you can't log in or can't finish taking care of your horse. You can age your virtual equine friends freely at your own pace.
Pricing: Hokalovi can be played completely free, there are no subsciptions but players can buy credits for real money (credits work as a secondary currency in our game). Please note even though credits can offer some nice things, everything can be obtained for free without buying any. The credits are mainly for convenience items or collectibles (but they can be bought from other players too). To offer the same chance to credit buyer or non credit buyer players none of the things responsible for the toplist or the quality of horses can be bought by credits. It's important that we won't distinguish between players. On our site everybody deserves the same attention and should abide by the same rules. Credit buying can't be used as an excuse!

To have a little glimpse inside our game, feel free to look around the forum, view horses and player profiles (no registration required)!
(An interesting fact: the name Hokalovi is the mix of two hungarian words. The first part Hóka means the marking on a bald horse, the second lovi is the short term for lovarda. It means a "special" stable. When the automatic php version started the name became simply Hokalovi. The original English translation should have been something like bald horse stables)

If you have any further question feel free to contact us on the given Emails bellow.
Thank you for taking your time to read this, we wish you a nice day!

The Hokalovi staff
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The graphician who makes our beautiful traditional horse arts is Benedek Eszter. You can read more about her here BUT it's hungarian.
Email: Benedek Eszter címe
Website: http://benedekeszter.hu (available in English too)

Lovasok.hu: Maus András (owner)
Email: Maus András címe

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