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Advertisements, news (other sites and stuffs outside of Hokalovi)

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.17 14:15:35    

You can advertise here!

Please note:
- you must read and understand the general forum rules first
- things you advertise should be acceptable for younger audiences
- the thing or place you advertise should abide by the copyright rules!
- encouraging illegal things re forbidden!
- you must not spam

  Ayaveen (1) 12.03.17 14:15:35    

You can advertise here!

Please note:
- you must read and understand the general forum rules first
- things you advertise should be acceptable for younger audiences
- the thing or place you advertise should abide by the copyright rules!
- encouraging illegal things re forbidden!
- you must not spam

  XxMoonxX (86952) 14.06.13 01:48:00    

<a href=“http://ivyclanforever.com“><img src=“http://i59.tinypic.com/zwdnd4.png“ border=“0“ alt=“Image and video hosting by TinyPic“ /></a>

Welcome to IvyClan and LucidClan. We are a Warrior Cats RPG based on the books by Erin Hunter. We are more of a home-based website, meaning that we like a small tight community of members who know all of the other members by their names. We are extremely active, with posts every day, almost every hour. We welcome any types of members, from beginners to advanced. We particulate in making beginner role play members into middle advanced, so if you‘re a person who‘s interested in helping others with that, then this is the site for you! We have a current total of 220 members.

We have two Clans on our site, LucidClan and IvyClan. We still have a medicine cat apprentice rank open, and of course are looking for staff who are active and show promise.

Click the banner above or the link below to join!


  lakarr (90947) 14.12.15 03:14:37    

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.08.06 15:31:46    

<a href=‘http://movementsim.com/cake_install/registrations?rid=1683‘><img src=‘http://movementsim.com/img/layout-graphics/wb-valley-banner.png‘></a>

My referral #1683

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.08.06 15:37:30    

Sorry. That banner seems to not be working here is this one
<a href="http://movementsim.com/cake_install/registrations?rid=1683"><img src="http://movementsim.com/img/layout-graphics/tb-meadow-banner.png" alt="tb-meadow-banner.png" /></a>

Movement is an online horse game featuring revolutionary breed specific horse artwork and real life genetics, with familiar elements from classic horse sim games. With thirty three million possible coat, marking, eye color and pattern combinations, your horses will truly shine as individuals.

  juliette (98947) 16.08.30 15:33:48    


Reiter is a young but active sim game that combines forum-based play with powerful automated features like:
- Horse show records with built-in randomizer
- Credits, registry and banking
- Real estate
Reiter makes simming possible for the busy adult by balancing automation with the classic features like entering shows and sales on the forum and member-owned businesses and associations. The game is open to a myriad of disciplines and breeds with more being added based on interest. The three member staff team is active and does its best to balance management with listening to what members want.

Reiter also offers optional role-play that counts towards your horses advancing, Carrots for completing optional tasks, and Quests for those who want to go above and beyond normal gameplay. The game is old enough to be stable but young enough that you can be the leader in almost any field you chose - if you join!

New members who join before September 15th area automatically promoted to full membership status - open your own barn right away!


  SweetBerries (98218) 16.10.02 14:51:36    

[url=link]<a href="http://www.furry-paws.com/main/index/1360202" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.furry-paws.com/images/fp/fp.jpg" width="768" height="90" border="0" alt="Furry-Paws.com: Your virtual dog could be the next champion!" /></a>[/url

Choose from over 200 different dog breeds and build your kennel from the ground up. Master 16 different dog sports. Build fame and become known to players around the world as the best breeder, the best trainer, or the best competitor. Best of all, Furry Paws is FREE to play!"

Game Features

Free to Play!

Browser Based - No plugins required

Over 200 Dog Breeds - Each with their own strengths and weaknesses

16 Dog Sports - Compete against thousands of other players around the world

Genetics - Choose your breedings carefully to produce the best possible pups

Forums, Chat, Guilds, and Cassos - Connect with other dog lovers around the world

450+ Items - Satisfy your inner packrat

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.11.15 12:20:39    


Stray Days is the first ever dog rescue sim! Here you may try your hand at running a rescue and face the many challenges that come with rehoming unwanted dogs. Search the pound for adoptable dogs, train and socialize your charges to meet rehoming requirements, bring out your rescues‘ strengths through sport training and shows, and feel great satisfaction in finding a home for a dog in need. On Stray Days you may also build your reputation in the community by earning kennel points, hire and train kennel staff, and even rescue dogs neglected in other players‘ kennels. So do you have what it takes to make a difference in a dog‘s life? If so, you have a home on Stray Days,
saving dogs one pixel at a time.

So why not start rescuing dog or a breeding programme today?

My referral is #1681

This site has just recently been opened, so there may be a few bugs or so, that you may encounter.

  bensbuddy (104073) 20.09.17 10:01:40    

A warrior cats role-playing forum for ages 13+.

four unique clans
welcoming for both experienced and new role players
50+ word limit allows for detailed but flexible writing
play diverse roles, from loner to Dark Forest cat
optional Gatherings and monthly ceremonies
available discord for plotting and chatting
optional monthly art and writing challenges
a board to share and commission art
a detailed character list to keep track of who‘s around now
a timeline to see what came before[/left]

Things have sadly been quiet for a while now, but some new people could revitalize this site, bringing exciting ideas to an established world.
Next month is the site‘s third birthday, and we‘ll be celebrating with a bunch of contests, games, and special prizes.

Interested? Visit at [url]https://carriedhome.proboards.com/[/url].
(Or say hi in our discord here!: [url]https://discord.com/invite/2nPRb67[/url])

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