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Horse related graphics, animations

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 16:06:01    

Show us your beautiful works and creativity!

  len (20724) 14.01.10 20:01:06    

Viw:Wow!Nice horse:)

  sziucska (36560) 14.01.10 22:22:27    

I thinked I show my sweeties to the Hokalovi‘s community.
They‘re Neptonins. :3

You shouldn‘t make one, “becaus I like them“, but you can ask me for a custom design. It‘s not free, we‘ll talk about their price. C:

Informations of the breed you can found here, in the description.

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.10.04 19:53:18    

I am doing one at the moment, but is not finished but will put it up later, by the way nice artwork everyone!

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.10.07 09:58:54    

here is my art, which I have completed already, a bit messy but I am not good at art, with not much practice but I hope you like it.

  Verocs (7021) 16.10.07 21:05:20    

It‘s very nice SweetBerries, I like it a lot ^^

  Verocs (7021) 16.10.08 12:13:43    

You should give it some outlines though. The white background is really confusing here.

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.10.09 10:03:01    

One of my Characters another one is on my profile, if you want to have a look and I am not really good with backgrounds but Toronto‘s is my best one so far. (I am creating characters that the horses I have in my stables.) The white bit on Luna‘s left nostril is off, but then you can‘t hardly notice because it‘s a little white line.

  Verocs (7021) 16.10.09 20:05:27    

It‘s really nice. Only her eyes and ears seem a little bit small to me.

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.10.09 22:12:39    

Yeah, thank you Verocs I also, find the eyes and ears quite hard for me to do when enlarging them. I will just have to find some tutorials to know how to do them.

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.11.19 16:33:17    

here is a picture I have recently been doing, its been taking me a while, but I am getting there. Of course, I am doing the rest of the body just showing you the head.

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.11.19 16:38:01    

Here is a bigger size, than the one before (if its too big, then I guess it will just have to do). Anyways, I hope you like it if you can see it. I am on Gimp, which is why the art is different the other one I used sketchbook app thing, I have just gotten use to doing art on gimp again.

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.12.07 18:52:45    

What do people think? Drawing the redesign of the Chraspa, if anybody has anybody input in what I should add of course of making the mane between it‘s ear a bit smaller, so that you can see the arrows between it‘s forhead, looking like a Christmas tree. Sorry for the bad eye sizes, I am really bad at eye coordination. So I hope you all like it, and by the way guys add any suggestions to it, by just messaging me.

  Ayaveen (1) 16.12.08 11:09:27    

The colors look nice Katie on the Chraspa :)
Don‘t give up though, practice makes perfect. Make sure you finish your drawings even if you are not statisfied with certain parts. It can help a lot to improve.

I wish you inspiration for completing these horses.

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.12.08 19:02:57    

Thsnk you, Ayaveen. Hopefully, I will complete these drawings and they will look really nice and hopefully be added for the horses on this site.

I have learnt by someone, even when you did a mistake your artwork, you can always add something else to it, no matter if it‘s perfect or not.

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.12.09 18:27:03    

Thank* sorry, I must of miss spelled that word, I didn‘t realize this actually posted when it was taking ages to even do it that I thought it is not going to do it.

The artwork is nearly done, just need to do the shading and add the Chraspa a tail.

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