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Please help us to gather more members!

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.17 17:30:20    

Thank you for visiting this topic!

As you all know, the English version of Hokalovi is very new. Due to this we only have a few English speaking members. The forums and the message wall is pretty empty in this new version

We don't have a very high traffic (Hungary is a small country >.<), usually every day there are only 900-1200 visitors according to google analytics.

Our plan was to make Hokalovi international with adding more languages. The first one was English. We hope these changes will make Hokalovi more accessible for everybody around the World.

The problem is how to make it more popular. I'll try to advertise it where I can, but my buget isn't endless unfortunately XD

We would be very happy if you can help us in this matter. If you enjoy the game, invite your friends and try to find more members.

Let's make this palce a more livelier and enjoyable together!

Thank you very much!

(Feel free to talk about this matter here)

  Ayaveen (1) 16.04.16 09:57:10    

Ah greetings everyone! :)

I am the admin here actually, and the developer in one person. But the game belongs to Lovasok.hu, not me. Sadly I don‘t have much time to create new stuff for the moment, but there are many things in progress for the future.

(sadly I do agree with the insane clicking requirements haha, it was an oversight on my part)

  Ayaveen (1) 16.04.16 10:27:16    

Btw, the English site doesn‘t have it‘s chat yet. But if you want you can use the Hungarian version here: Hokalovi Chat

Its useful if you are on at the same time. It lets you chat directly, and you might meet other hungarian players too.

Translation of the chat page and rules:

Forbidden: spamming, cursing, harassing or bullying others. Please be respectful of each other. Use every room properly, and follow the rules of the game. Thank you!

Chat wiki:
- if someone has problems with the chat, try to press CTRL+F5 to refresh the page first
- the chat hides messages older than 30 minutes, and you can only view the last 60 message
- a message should contain at least 3 characters! (so you can‘t send just k, or ok for example)
- older browsers may not support the chat, if you can it‘s best to upgrade to newer versions
- moderators and admins have a red icon [M] and [A] before their names
- the chat can be accessed only by accounts older than 10 days
- links become clickable if they start with http:// or https:// (please share only legal content that are acceptable for small children too)
- everyone has a right to use whichever color they like, please don‘t argue about colors :D

Hokalovi szoba /Hokalovi room: everything related to hokalovi, including auctions or simple talk about the game.

Offtopik/Offtopic: you can talk about anything here that are acceptable for small children and isn‘t against the game rules.

Chat játékok/Chat games: its used to hold minigames created by the community (like Barkochba, lottery etc.)

RPG rooms: the 3 room was made for those who love light text base RPG between each other.(please don‘t ruin chat RPG in progress and decide peacefully which room to use)

  LM4ever2day (96333) 16.04.20 22:43:12    

Thanks for the info. I was wondering where was the chat.

  Buzzsaw (97025) 16.04.22 16:46:28    

Hi LM4ever2day! *waves* sorry, didn‘t see your post until today. Nice to meet you!

  LM4ever2day (96333) 16.04.23 23:04:46    

*waves back* Nice to meet you too.

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.07.01 06:55:56    

Hey, I am English, and thanks for sharing the fact, on how small Hungarian is, :D I am loving this game so far, and of course, I know how hard it is to advertise on the internet, as I studied Business studies at school, well I wasn‘t really good at it, and I never really know why I picked it. XD But, I learnt businesses.

  Ayaveen (1) 16.07.06 12:41:35    

welcome to the game SweetBerries! :D

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.07.06 15:05:57    

Thank you, Ayaveen.

  Smilie (98941) 16.08.29 04:25:04    

Hi I just joined! Is there a more extensive guide to this cause I‘m pretty confused lol XD

  Ayaveen (1) 16.09.01 09:07:54    

Sadly we have only the HELP menu and the beginner tips: http://lonevelde.lovasok.hu/tips.php

I do agree the game needs tutorial system though, its way too complex.
We had something like this planned, but I didn‘t have time to implement it yet.

  winchesterduh (101150) 17.07.05 07:28:23    

I am an administrator for a Facebook group with over 40,000 members, and I own two instagram accounts with about 16,000 each. If you pm me, we can discuss a plan to advertise this game. I‘m liking it so far, but I‘m still figuring bits and pieces of it out.

  Stormstory (100808) 18.10.07 10:57:10    

lol just love this emoji

I‘ll try and advertise it on some games I play that let you talk about other sites.
There are a few more ways that you can advertise it:
1) make a banner for it that you can post in BBC code and HTML forums.
2) run a referral contest, for every person you refer, you get a certain number of referral points, which can be spent on in game currency, horses etc.

  Hebe (102873) 18.11.11 23:04:25    

I am english and speak many languages thanks to rossetta stone i would be willing to translate english and other languages whenever the need be. And if it is a language i don‘t speak i am willing to start that language with resseta stone and find a translation

  Reese_Equine (104506) 22.06.07 20:49:50    

Wow that let‘s me go on long.Hi!

  DeclanRhys (101871) 23.03.11 12:10:44    

I‘ve been posting the game link in redit threads and trying to find places discussing animal/horse breeding games, I think a lot more people would play if they knew this game was here. It needs to be on some browser game Voting Top Lists.

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