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Hokalovi game rules (please read them!)

(1.) Having multi accounts are forbidden! (Each user can register only once!)

(2.) You can't sell or give your account to others. Please note: sharing a registration is also against the rules!

(3.) You must not use names that includes cursing or any other hurtful or offensive word or phrase.

(4.) You aren't allowed to harass/bother others or mock someone because of his/her view.

(5.) We expect all players to behave nicely with everyone in the game. Please respect each other.

(6.) It's forbidden to use game bugs and errors to gain advantages. You must report every bug or error immediately in the forums!

(7.) Using bots, scripts, addons or other tools is forbidden for our horse sim game.

(8.) You must live for your own benefit. Of course you can support others too, but it's forbidden to constantly give help to a specific account.

(9.) Not knowing the rules doesn't free you from the duty of keeping them.

Thank you for your understanding!

- Lovasok.hu team

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