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Idea zone: what would you change in Hokalovi

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 15:43:07    

Use your imagination here! :)

Please note we want detailed posts, not just a few words. We are looking for constructive criticism and ideas.

Thank you very much if you take your time and write down your opinions

(Don‘t forget, we want Hokalovi to remain unique. Do not suggest functions you‘ve seen in other horse games. BUT you can mention them, so we can think about how can we improve something in a different way.)

  Ayaveen (1) 16.04.16 10:09:51    

As for the credit question, at one point we started working to add the purchase of credits to the English site, but the project stopped for some reason. I‘ll try to talk with Lovasok.hu and ask what they think about it.

  Ayaveen (1) 16.04.18 16:21:26    


I closed and changed the public reporting forums, because I agree it‘s not safe and can invite harassment for the players who post there.

It was originally a tool to help the active moderators if I wasn‘t here. However many players thought its the proper and only way to post reports.
It was foolish on my part to open such topic, so instead I ask everyone to use the proper reporting channels:
- ingame letter to moderators or me
- email to the hokalovi address that can be found int he footer of the page (finally I got back my access to it)

  Spirit15 (97538) 16.05.30 07:37:01    

How about selling and buying foals for 5000-7000 Zsz

  Spirit15 (97538) 16.06.17 02:21:58    

Make it easier for English players to get credits.

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.07.06 18:31:12    

Hey, I thought of why not have a farrier? Just like the vet, your horses feet have to be trimmed though, something like that with a farrier.

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.09.01 20:42:01    

Could there be a link on the mares/stallion page, of there offsprings, only to see what foals they have produced?

  Zarina (97540) 16.11.02 13:49:51    

That the English can have credits

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.12.01 19:32:15    

Hi, I have just thought of an idea, where players can help other people train horses, and by helping other peoples horses, you could get paid to help train other people‘s horses. I mean, their could be a place where you put your horse in a training centre, and at the centre you have to pay 1 white jewel and maybe 500,000 coins, to pay to help out at the training centre, and at the training centre you select which horse you want to train. Their could also be a timer, on how long the advertisement for your horse to be trained, I thought of this idea so people can train their horse, and their could also be a criteria in what shows you want to enter your horse, when putting it in the training centre. This way, you can help people and earn more money. I hope this makes sense.

  CarrotCrunch (101477) 17.08.31 19:25:43    

Hey! Well I kind of just thought of an idea of why not plant seeds, like Apples, Carrots? Etc you can also grow Hay, Wheat and such, and there could be a barn or somewhere, where you can make your own horse feed? You can even sell it to the village or to other players?

I hope you like this idea?

  CarrotCrunch (101477) 17.08.31 19:26:51    

To unlock the barn it could also be 1 white jewel, 500k zbzm and 50 Quizpoints too?

  SatiricCross (103139) 19.02.10 19:54:04    

It would be nice if we could sort the horse search by price, date posted, etc.

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.09 06:51:43    

Here is a couple of Ideas to encourage more international gameplay, more players and more active playing.

1) Kr = Credits. Because KR is not available for purchase outside of Hungary at this time. How about the idea of offering 1 KR for making the MONTHLY top 10 list. Each player who makes the monthly top 10 list gets 1 kr. If there is a fear of abuse of this feature. A player can only win the credits twice? If the player has been in the top 10 twice in a row they are disqualified on the next month? This would be optional only if you think the top 10 list would be abused. If you do not want to award credits, then how about a prize of 100K Zsz for making the monthly top 10 list. This would encourage more active playing and competition.

2) Gold Star Foals. Add a feature on the pony page for "Gold Lineage Stars". IF a Foal is born to a parent who has won at least 100 first place finishes. The pony will get a Gold Star on it‘s page, and is now a Gold Star Foal. this Gold Star = +5 to all contests. (Like bad quality horseshoes do). IF a foal is born to parents where BOTH parents have won at least 100 1st place finishes, the foal will have 2 gold stars. It will be a Double Gold Star Foal and get +10 to all contests. This would encourage more active and selective breeding, more contesting and playing and pride in your foals which would encourage more active gameplay due to having more goals to achieve.

Sounds fun? And I believe it would encourage more active playing and more active new players to make their home here.

  Rhiannon66 (101845) 23.03.10 11:09:26    

I like both of those ideas very much. Money or Zbz for monthly top 10 sounds like a good incentive. As for the gold star foals. THAT would be so fun.

  DeclanRhys (101871) 23.03.11 12:08:54    

@Russaria Nice ideas, both sound like great incentives to play more. I love the Gold Star Foals idea, encourages and rewards players for nice bred lines.

My suggestion would be to raise the skill rewards for training. Most players would have to use the quick turns. Manual training could be a big problem with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Gamer‘s Wrist. Maybe up the amount skill received for manual as well as upping the skill reward for quick turns. It‘s just plain too much repetitive clicking for the average player. Quick Turns + Holding down the Enter key helps a lot. #14

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.20 10:27:19    

I know I can see the astrology sign of their birth, but I just noticed there‘s no place to see their birthday. I‘m gonna start putting it in the name. Like 3/23.Just a little thing, wish their was an actually birthdate of the pony.

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