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You‘ve achieved something big? Share it here! (toplists, events...)

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 15:35:07    

Brag about it! ^^

  Ayaveen (1) 12.03.16 15:35:07    

Brag about it! ^^

  Russaria (76471) 13.07.10 10:20:19    

I‘ve started my 1st bloodline. I wrote all about it on the offsite english fan forum. I‘m very excited!

  Spirit15 (97538) 16.05.31 01:47:58    

Guess what. I‘ve sold my first horse for 8000 Zsz. Yippee. (Dose victory dance)

  Amerail13 (98770) 16.08.15 22:12:31    

Pretty stoked right now. I just bought my first Sleipnir. Took me a minute to get the funds, but I am super happy about it. =)

  KatnissEverdeen (104669) 23.03.13 13:34:42    

Very proud of my Majestic Wind Riders, I chose Polo Ponies as they didn‘t have many bloodlines in the game. Such a cool feature.

  KatnissEverdeen (104669) 23.03.13 13:35:21    

Oh and PS @Russaria, I joined that offsite forum, very nice to see it still working.

  DeclanRhys (101871) 23.03.13 21:34:32    

Nice work Katniss, I also agree, the Bloodlines feature is my favorite, don‘t think I‘ve seen that anywhere else. I do enjoy trying to get my bloodlines up the top lists of my breed. Just wish there was more players, even if it does mean more competition.

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.14 05:06:04    

Yeah I didn‘t even remember the forum, but you‘re right, it‘s still there. I agree with both of you that the Bloodline feature is amazing fun. Even tho9ugh we can‘t buy Kr. I still love taking care of my 2 bloodlines. I think if more people knew about the game there would be a lot of interest. I‘m just glad the game still going.

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.16 07:23:07    

Another Game-play tip for newcomers. Get 2 pieces of paper, and mark out lines 1-111. Then as you do the quiz write down the answers next to the appropriate number. Tedious, but once you have all the answers taking the quiz will not be a frustrating anymore and you can get your stables and pastures up easier.

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.17 01:48:41    

Never really noticed the neat coats crossbreeds have, figure I may just keep a couple and strive for a high generation ranking and some of those coats. Anyone played with the crossbreeds much?

  Rhiannon66 (101845) 23.03.17 03:46:20    

That sounds an interesting project. And yes the crossbreeds do have some nice coats. Many breed pics could be upgraded with a little better artwork imo.

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