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Not horse related literature (poems, novels...)

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 16:06:22    

Show us your beautiful works and creativity!

  Ayaveen (1) 12.03.16 16:06:22    

Show us your beautiful works and creativity!

  Polo-Tay (58048) 12.04.04 22:42:44    

I‘ll start this off! It was a homework project -
~A special World, a special Place~
The Creatures
in the dream
Dragons fly through the air,
Gliding in the moonlight,
Like slippery stars,
Glinting furiously,

A unicorn breaks into a trot somewhere in the night,
Seeing, seeking something,
The sweet air fills up the space and brushes past yours and my face,
As we stroke the unicorns mane; so sweet-smelling and soft,

Everything in our past is put back, forgotten,
Like when you were a little girl,
Pestering your mother as I stood with you;
‘Are unicorns real? Do all dragons breathe fire? Why do Brownies like milk and honey? Who are the Nac Mac Feegles?‘

Now the air is still and calm,
As a pegasi‘s wings beat the air up ahead, and a Grimhounds howl rings through the night,
Jenny Green Teeth climbs out of a river,
Looking longingly at us playing ball,

However everything here isn‘t dangerous;
The Hydra‘s carry us on their backs,
The Chimera chases a stick,
And a Minotaur brings a bucketful of strawberries and blueberries and raspberries,

We sit staring at the star‘s and the moon,
Surrounded by bouncing Jackalopes and rushing Enfields,
We feel calm and happy, yet exhausted and full,
It is now time to step out of this dream and wake up;

The Gryphons blur,
The werewolves vanish,
The mermaids plunge back into the water,
And the Centaur‘s gallop away,

We wake up,
Sweating madly,
As we run through the list of creatures we saw today;

Cerberus‘ and Griffin‘s,
Pixies and Faun‘s,
Ichthyocentaur‘s and Faries,
Ki-rin‘s and Kitsunes,

Peryton‘s and Chupacabra‘s
Hippocampus‘ and Hippogriff‘s,
Tiamat‘s and Pyrasta‘s...
Whatever will we see next?

  Polo-Tay (58048) 12.04.04 22:43:48    

Sorry! My computer crashed so i clicked it and it posted twice! EEEEK! Any chance you can delete one?

  Antoniella (57710) 12.04.05 09:44:34    

Aww, that‘s simply amazing! I could never write something like this ^^

  mabym (6212) 12.04.05 21:20:32    

Polo-Tay, I deleted one of them

Anyway this is gorgeous, you are very talented! I totally love it. Can‘t wait for more of your works

  Syfy (4242) 17.09.23 17:20:44    

Hey! I have this thingy... Based on a true story. My life, to be exact.
Enjoy. Or not. I didn‘t. Nevermind.
Feel free to correct my mistakes.

So yeah, that happened. No cuts, nor newly burned skin since May the twenty-first. I did it, I‘m so proud of myself. She literally saved me from hell. The darkness was so real, I completely lost myself there. I‘m not saying it‘s shiny and I can‘t see the fairies either, but now it‘s like grayish or something.

It all started when I was eight. I was sitting in the church with my classmates, it was a beautiful, rainy day. I love rain, I‘ve always loved it. On that specific day, I was happy. We listened to Father Blaise, he told us about our Lord and Savior and that poor blind guy. And there was that girl, from another school, or from ours but from a different class, I don‘t even remember. She was older than me and she was so pretty! Now I can‘t recall how did she look like, but I remember how I felt.

After years I completely forgot about it. I didn‘t care about being in a relationship, or anything, I just went with the flow. I finished elementary school and started high school. It was the summer of 2014, and I was in a summer camp with my old classmates. We were playing a game and somehow I said I‘m straight. Then I realized I‘m not. After that exact moment, I knew I wasn‘t.

In the beginning of tenth grade, I fall deeply in love with one of my classmates. First I didn‘t know it was love, it started as jealousy. They were best friends. He had a crush on her, but she had a boyfriend. She still has one, but another. First I was extremely jealous of their friendship, but it turned out differently.

Two months later I told her. I told her, and then everything happened too fast. Suddenly everyone knew it, not because of her, she was totally ok with it, but some nice classmates of mine heard our convo and outed me to the whole class and some teachers. To be honest, it was not the best experience I‘ve ever had, but not the worst either.

Then in eleventh grade, he came. He used to be my favorite teacher back in my first year of high school. But now, no. According to him, he was God himself, or at least just a prophet, but someone who found nirvana, the greater good; but for me, he was the one who made me mad and crazy. He caused my first cuts, I cried myself to sleep because of his thoughts, he infected generations with his words and he even had followers in the bullshit he believed in. I was just a tiny student in the big building, I never had the chance to tell him he wasn‘t right. He made me feel empty. Every time he asked "What‘s wrong" I just sat in my chair and said nothing. He was a bigot. He never cared about how could someone (from the other side) feel. We knew he had a bad relationship with his mental health. The rumors said he had been suffering for years because of his depression. So I thought he would understand. He didn‘t. He was a teacher, for f*ck‘s sake!

So I started losing myself because of this and of course, other reasons, but that‘s another story. At school, I was the weird gay kid, at home I was the perfect little girl who was so happy and had zero problems.

I never thought about suicide. Like, never. It‘s just not an option for me, I‘m scared of death.

What I did is that I started living in the background. I had good grades. I had friends. Most of them live on the other side of the country but I don‘t care. I met them through an online horse breeding game. Strange, huh?

In that time I was just a shadow of myself. Well, nowadays too, maybe it‘s a bit better now. It‘s like standing in an empty train. I can sit wherever I want to, but if I do, suddenly hundreds of old ladies are running into the vehicle and they are all complaining because they can‘t have that one seat I‘m sitting on.

The only light I see is leaving. This house doesn‘t feel like a home anymore. I‘m not respected here. They say I have everything. I supposed to be happy. I have food, clothes, internet connection. They say I‘m loved. But they love someone else. They love that person who‘s comfortable in their body. In those rules. Not me. The amount of anxiety I live in is unliveable and unbelievably heavy to carry.

But you know, I met her a few months ago on the train. She complimented the color of my hair, which is funny because she has the same shade, navy blue. She‘s shorter than me and her smile is adorable.

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