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All sort of graphics and animations

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 16:03:31    

Show us your beautiful works and creativity!

  Ayaveen (1) 12.03.16 16:03:31    

Show us your beautiful works and creativity!

  Viw (5071) 13.06.07 13:59:47    

Well, I don‘t think if anyone will see it... xD

  SnowBunny (65166) 13.06.24 15:28:15    


First picture:
I think it‘s very nice! :D The best part of, the lake. Whereat should improve, the roots. Anyway the picture‘s view, and the light-contrast is beautiful!

The second picture is a little differend. My opinion is, it‘s better than the first. At least I think! xD So, I love the grass, and the trees in this picture, because they are very elaborated. On the trees apper their material.

So I think, these pictures are wery nice and creative.
Good job! :)
(sorry for the spelling mistakes) ^^

  Russaria (76471) 13.07.11 23:27:15    

Very nice designs, I like the overall themes and brush work.

  Viw (5071) 13.08.24 19:03:55    

More forests! \o/ However these are older arts, I just forget to post them here.

I drew my first forest again some days ago.

And yeah, I still have more stuff. :D Some fanarts for an online game named Transformice. (drawings are from newest to oldest)

  Ayaveen (1) 13.08.25 16:56:45    

vividia55: they are totally awesome!

  Viw (5071) 13.09.25 21:54:01    

Aya, I‘m glad you like them. :3

Well, I should draw other things too, but I cant. xD (*cough* laziness *cough*)

  Viw (5071) 13.11.02 14:01:06    

Double post /o\ I keep spamming this topic with my ugly drawings.

  Gatsby (93016) 15.04.29 04:57:13    

WOW!!! Viw your forest pics are craaazy good!!!!!!!!

  Galabonciás (46479) 16.05.30 21:09:18    

Hi! Here is my best photo of my bf. I made it for a scool photo competition. (Y, I won it. :3)^^

  Galabonciás (46479) 16.05.30 21:11:27    

And yes i edited this pic in PS. xd But my teachers said yes, u could use ps so i used. :3

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