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Offtopic talks (according to the rules)

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.17 14:09:23    

You can talk randomly here.

BUT please follow the forum rules!
You can access the rules here: CLICK

No advertising allowed here!

Have fun!

  Viw (5071) 16.04.19 14:57:51    

Hi y‘all, it‘s nice to have some English-speakers here. I haven‘t been really active ingame for a while now but I do log in every (or almost every) day so if you have any questions, or just need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me. I will also try to check the forums regularly. Anyway, how are you all doing? :D

  LM4ever2day (96333) 16.04.20 22:49:49    

I am doing fine.

  Buzzsaw (97025) 16.04.26 13:36:24    

Hey Viw, nice to meet you, I see you speak Hungarian and English, are you a native Hungarian who has learned English? If so, you are excellent, better than some English people in fact!
I haven‘t been here very long, but I‘m enjoying this game, I‘m taking the opportunity to start off some lines of horses as the competitions are suddenly crazy, you didn‘t need many points for level C competitions when I first joined, now you need 900 - 1000 points.

  Viw (5071) 16.04.28 19:09:24    

Sorry for the late response, but yes, I‘m a Hungarian person who‘s been learning English for some years now. Truth be told I don‘t think my English is good and I hope to get better with time, but thank you anyway. :) Also, good luck with your lines!

  Code_Chris (41927) 16.05.07 09:09:44    

Viw, don‘t be like this, your English is very good :D
By the way, hello everybody! :) It‘s so nice to see that we also have players here, not only in the Hungarian site, and some Hungarians also join the conversaiton :D

  Ayaveen (1) 16.05.09 09:20:31    

Hello everybody! :D

  Viw (5071) 16.06.13 22:12:22    

The English version of this game seems kinda dead again. :( Is someone here?

  Code_Chris (41927) 16.06.22 21:49:16    

Yeah, but now also does the Hungarian version‘s forum, so what do we hope? :/

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.09.03 08:26:34    

Hi,how is everybody doing? I am currently doing a line of falabella‘s and clyesdales with some other breeds.

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.09.15 19:26:54    

Today was the best day, of my life, i stroked and held a cornsnake for the first time today! It felt weird but i didn‘t know if i was scared of of them or not i was a bit scared at first but i was fine, when my tutor held its head. I also stroked a skinnypig, this is part of my course in college, this was the most fun day of the week just, cleaning the rats cage and cleaning the guinea pigs bowl. (I am doing animal care course in college)

  Karolina122 (99323) 17.03.10 08:43:37    

I am currently reading Warrior Cats the first book, and I am really addicted to Warrior cats now xD

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