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Features under development

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 14:45:25    

Hokalovi is a fan made site currently under development.
The 3.0.0. version is incomplete yet, but we hope you will enjoy the beta testing and the upcoming new features. (don‘t worry your game progress and data will be safe. We won‘t delete anything after the testing, so you can play without fears.)

Features under construction and testing:
- Veterinary Council (this will add vets and different health conditions to Hokalovi. Currently you don‘t have to be afraid of your horses getting sick, but if you want to achieve the maximum, you have to take care of your horse properly. This feature will be a new form of Zabszem earning)
- Horse riding school (this will introduce school horses and riders. An other new form of making Zabszem. The schools will change the race system a bit, but it won‘t be complicated, don‘t worry.)
- Horse training arena (this will introduce trainers to the game. This way other people will be able to train your horses id you‘ve made an agreement with them. This isn‘t a new feature, but we had to take down the previous version to revise and upgrade it a bit)
- Crafstmen Guild (this will introduce the ability to craft high level equipment with magical items gathered from special horses)
- Races and Competitions organized by players (this isn‘t a new feature either, but we want to change the previous one a bit to make it more enjoyable)
- Different minigames
- More advanced toplist
- Personality for horses
- Horoscope effects (the horoscopes will give different bonuses like the personality of the horses)
- Some events in different seasons (while you take turns)
- More accurate and nicer English translations by professionals (the current translation was created by volunteers)

And many many more...

We constantly develop our game to form and shape it the way our players like it.
You can post your ideas and suggestions here: CLICK

Horse be with you

  Ayaveen (1) 13.09.13 14:19:32    

Greetings! :D

Today I‘ve modified the training system on the game following your feedback.

- all training actions are tweaked or modified
- some of the less useful methods were removed
- new training options appeared

Now you can train everything separately and more easily. I also changed the buttons, so they are bigger and more clear. This way it is harder to missclick them.

(p.s.: if you were following a training guide, make sure you check whether it matches the new system or not before starting it)

I hope you will enjoy the new system! *cheers*

  Russaria (76471) 15.03.01 09:51:07    

guess the English version came to a halt. still a bit fun though, guess we‘ll just never be able to buy credits

  Gatsby (93016) 15.04.29 04:31:51    

All of those new features sound amazing!!! Especially the horse personality and the competitions by other players. I do hope they will still be added in the near future!!!
P.S. This game is amazing as it is though, so I will be happy either way!:D

  LM4ever2day (96333) 16.01.15 22:01:18    

I can‘t wait for the new version. When is it supposed to open?

  Soreiru (27284) 16.01.28 03:51:15    

If someone needs credits, I can give some for free. It‘s always nice to see the english players.

  LM4ever2day (96333) 16.03.04 22:31:03    

When will there be new updates?

  Ayaveen (1) 16.04.16 09:59:30    

Sadly updates came to a halt because I‘m too busy with other projects at Lovasok.hu :(

However I‘m open to any feature suggestions. When I have time I like working on the game. (I apologize about the late reply)

  LM4ever2day (96333) 16.04.20 22:44:32    

It‘s okay.

  LM4ever2day (96333) 16.04.23 23:06:59    

Oh and just a suggestion. Can you add the ability to edit a post? I would think that it would be a good idea in case someone makes a mistake and wants to fix it.

  horsicorn (99693) 16.11.24 06:53:24    

How do I post an add at the top of the page? I know I‘ve gotten to it before, but that was by accident, and I didn‘t have anything to post. Plz PM me and let me know!

  Ayaveen (1) 16.11.24 14:54:11    

Welcome to Hokalovi horsicorn! :)

To post on the message wall you need to click on the magnifier icon on the left side of the scrolling text (right under ‘My Game‘). Or you can click here

  horsicorn (99693) 16.11.25 01:51:59    

How do I get quiz points, and how do I tell how many quiz points I have?

  Ayaveen (1) 16.11.26 17:20:58    

You can get quiz points by answering all four questions you get in the Quiz menu right. (you can repeat answering questions to gather points as many times as you want)

You can see the amount of quiz points you have on your own profile.

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