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Questions: About the game

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 14:20:55    

Welcome to the question zone!

If you need some help feel free to use this forum! :)
We are more than happy to help you out!

(Do not forget the the help section. It can answer most of your questions regarding the general gameplay. You can access the help section HERE)

Please note: the English part of the game doesn‘t have a big user base yet. It may take some time to get your answer.
We hope this will change in the near future! ^^

  Kara5690 (104806) 23.08.09 21:03:22    

Are coat colors genetic here? I see the pictures are in water color, I love that, but are the genes here real?

  Kara5690 (104806) 23.08.10 18:00:44    

Hai guys! It‘s me again. I understand the English server has less people, but do we have a discord? Or something similar to live chat?

Also I was researching bloodlines. The description for it says this "The founders should be import/foundation horses with 25% docility!" what is Docility? I‘ve never seen it.

  Naito (37178) 23.08.25 15:15:39    

You can find the "Docility" on your horse‘s page just under the stats, on the top of the block that has the energy, outlook and mood of the horse.

That description basically means that you can only start a bloodline with horses you import from the village under the "Foundation Horses" section of the marketplace.

And to answer your previous question as well, colors aren‘t genetic here, but "inherited". A foal can have the color of either one of its parents or grandparents, and it‘s random.

  Kara5690 (104806) 23.08.28 03:56:01    

@naito Thank you! I see there are only a select few colors in the game for some breeds, so now that makes sense.

Does anyone know what Mules are good for. I accidentally bought one when I wanted a donkey. xD

I heard crossbreeds are better at working for the Zsz.

Also another question: Is there a main chat where we can discuss in real time, like discord? I don‘t know how I feel about waiting 2 weeks for a reply since the english server is not as populated.

Thanks guys! Love this server!

<3 Kara

  Kara5690 (104806) 23.08.28 04:21:08    


How do we find items in the game? I see we can purchase credits in game from the Hungarian players. I just don‘t know where that‘s a good place to advertise?

Will I be able to find items AFTER I pay the credits to open a crafting bench?

  Naito (37178) 23.08.28 16:52:49    

Mules, donkeys and crossbreeds get more zsz per action than "normal" or magic horses (+60, +55 and +50 respectively). You can find this info in the help menu here. So if you want to make zsz by working with action points, mules are going to be the most profitable.

There is a chat on this site but only on the Hungarian version. Most people I see have put English as a language they speak too, so if you feel like it, you can check if there‘s anyone in the Hungarian chat that speaks English. You can switch between the languages instantly by clicking on the flag on the very top of the site, next to the "News" and "About us" tabs.
Though the Hungarian version is just about as "dead" as the English one so there are only a few people online at a time, and not everyone goes to the chat. I mostly see 1-2 people in there if any at all.
There is a Facebook group for the Hungarian server but there‘s barely any activity in there. The admin pops up sometimes, but only issues with the availablility of the site are being fixed. Nothing new gets implemented for a good while now.

The method for purchasing credits was sms payment, but this method no longer functions in Hungary and the site admin didn‘t implement any other methods yet, so nobody can buy credits at the moment. Our best bet is hoping that there are still players who stocked up on credits and buy from them. In other words, credits are very difficult to come by.

As for advertising, the message wall is what‘s used. I see that this is also separate for English and Hungarian versions. I don‘t really know about the activity levels of the English version as I mostly play on the Hungarian one (I just come to check the English forum to help whenever I‘m here). Again, I think you could try to advertise in the Hungarian message board and maybe someone would reach out to you.

It‘s been too long since I‘ve unlocked the crafting bench so I‘m not exactly sure anymore how that works. What I‘m sure of is that randomly finding stuff on the site is limited to jewels. You find these when taking turns with a horse (a light purple message just under the green "your horse has aged" message). Magical crafting ingredients that magic horses drop when you take turns with them are not shown and the only way to see if you found any is checking your inventory. Other crafting ingredients such as paint or leather can be obtained by salvaging tack or by purchasing from other players at the flea market (Storage -> Flea market). You can also buy magical ingredients from there.

I think I‘ve covered everything? I hope xD

  Spirit15 (97538) 23.10.10 12:45:30    

Are there any new breeds in the game? I haven‘t played for years and have just come back

  THjStars (104858) 23.11.03 14:05:23    

You have activated the quick turns, but to use it you have to break in your horse first!

  THjStars (104858) 23.11.04 13:54:52    

How can I get Zsz?

  KingFangRules (104913) 24.01.31 16:31:37    

So, I want to sell some of my horses, but it requires my password, and when I try to type it in, it says that it is wrong, and I have tried everything to help, but it is not working. Anyone know how to?

  KingFangRules (104913) 24.01.31 17:01:46    

Also, THjStars, you can get ZsZ by doing quizzes, or by selling your horses.

  CloudedBard (104845) 24.02.27 18:21:36    

How do you get school supplies?

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