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Please help us to gather more members!

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.17 17:30:20    

Thank you for visiting this topic!

As you all know, the English version of Hokalovi is very new. Due to this we only have a few English speaking members. The forums and the message wall is pretty empty in this new version

We don't have a very high traffic (Hungary is a small country >.<), usually every day there are only 900-1200 visitors according to google analytics.

Our plan was to make Hokalovi international with adding more languages. The first one was English. We hope these changes will make Hokalovi more accessible for everybody around the World.

The problem is how to make it more popular. I'll try to advertise it where I can, but my buget isn't endless unfortunately XD

We would be very happy if you can help us in this matter. If you enjoy the game, invite your friends and try to find more members.

Let's make this palce a more livelier and enjoyable together!

Thank you very much!

(Feel free to talk about this matter here)

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.11 14:56:57    

Being on some PC Browser breeding game toplists would get some players in yes. I‘ll see if I can find any to put the game on and then post the voting links.

  DeclanRhys (101871) 23.03.19 22:33:22    

Hey all, I got the game on an english PC browser breeding games top list where you can vote for this game. Maybe it will bring in some more english players, or worldwide players. Feel free to bookmark it and vote for this game.


  KatnissEverdeen (104669) 23.03.19 22:52:23    

Thanks GREAT!!, bookmarked and voted. Will try to remember to vote every day as it doesn‘t say how often you can vote. But will do it at least once a day.

  Rhiannon66 (101845) 23.03.20 05:32:00    

Nice idea and thanks for doing that. I‘ll bookmark the page and vote too. Would nice to have some more active players find the game.

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.20 08:56:56    

Excellent work, I‘ll be voting too, could be at least a few people will spead the game around.

  ChristoWebb (104697) 23.03.28 04:49:36    

Found it on that list, really seems fun. I think I could make a long term game out of this one. Glad I found it,

  KatnissEverdeen (104669) 23.03.28 08:01:49    

I love it too, welcome!!!

  NovaStarz (104857) 23.11.03 13:33:44    

I have a mixed breed mare (foundation horse) that I tried to pair, but when I have inserted the stallion‘s ID number, I keep getting the answer that he is not there when the stallions do.
then there is no stallion to buy either for a sum that I have
can i only cover my mare with mixed breed stallions since she is a mixed breed mare herself ?

  Zer0Karlo (104931) 24.02.21 07:15:27    

Hello! I am a new player that just started playing today! Loving the game so far :D

I actually found this game by looking up genetic-based horse breeding games, and someone happened to recommend it on reddit. It wasn‘t exactly what I was thinking at the time, I‘ve found the gameplay to be super snappy and fun! I also love the art and the quality vs quantity approach. I already feel very attached to my little pixel horses. :)

I hope the game spreads to more people! If the person that mentioned it on reddit is reading this, THANK YOU! :D What a wonderful suggestion!

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