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Breeding, training and gameplay tips for hokalovi horses

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 15:37:16    

You can share your tips and knowledge here.

This is a collection created by the community. You can use these information to become successful in breeding, training and gameplay.

  Ayaveen (1) 12.03.16 15:37:16    

You can share your tips and knowledge here.

This is a collection created by the community. You can use these information to become successful in breeding, training and gameplay.

  Ayaveen (1) 12.04.02 20:37:38    

I‘ve decided to copy some of my earlier posts from other forums.

It may become useful:

A few tips for breeding:
When you breed two horse, the foal inherits his speed,stamina,... from either the mother or father. This is completely random, so like in real life, the traits won‘t merge, rather they are determined by the parent‘s genes.
For example:
A foal can inherit speed from his father, but he inherits the other traits from the mother. There are special cases when a foal inherits everything from just one parent. Usually your horse will inherit something from both parents.
If you are lucky, your foal will inherit everything from the parent who has the highest skill amount in that trait.
The best foals have around 1600-1700 skill points at birth. (it goes over 1700 only in special cases)
If a foal inherits a skill it gets approximately 1/3 of the parent‘s skill point from that trait. (if the inherited amount is much higher than 1700 points overall, the points will be scaled appropriately)

There is a different rule for talent points. You can read more about it at the help section :)
(there is also a manual for breeding and inheritance there)

*so in breeding the high skill amount isn‘t the most important thing. You should look for compatible pairs ;)

As a start you should look for parents with similar skill scaling and skill amount. This will guarantee you a foal that inherits almost everything at high level. (because no matter which trait is passed down, because the two parents has a similar point chart)

If you are experimenting, or you feel very lucky, you can try to breed horses that has a completely different skill chart.
Your foal will be good if he/she inherits every skill from the more trained parent in that area. (otherwise he will lose points, and won‘t get close to 1700)
This isn‘t advised because this way you may get an ‘unbalanced‘ horse if you want to compete in the future. It is best to train and breed your horses for races. :)

I‘ll post some training tips soon too.

  Ayaveen (1) 12.04.02 20:50:13    

This two is a basic training rotation depending on the energy cost of the training. (by: edaka)

A version:
Energy -25 (this means the training type you want to do costs 25 energy)

3x the desired training action (that costs 25 energy)
1x treat (further actions box)
1x relaxation (it‘s in the training box)
3x the desired training action (that costs 25 energy)
1x treat (further actions box)
1x relaxation (it‘s in the training box)
3x the desired training action (that costs 25 energy)
1x treat (further actions box)
1x the desired training action (that costs 25 energy)

(this way you can do 10 training session within one turn)

B version:

Energy -35
In this case you want to do the swimming sessions. They are more tiresome for your horse, so it consumes 35 energy.
In this case you have to simply do:
1x training (swimming)
1x pasture

You have to repeat these steps till you don‘t have any action points left.


For this kind of training you need:
- level 4 pasture (to gain the maximum bonus for mood and energy when you take turns)
- 15 unused action points
- a happy horse
- a high energy level (at least 75)

Tips: don‘t train horses that has less than 90 docility!
(horses with low docility gets less points while you train them, the higher the docility is, the better you can train a horse)

  Ayaveen (1) 12.04.02 20:51:16    

btw there are many rotations currently, these are the most common. You can even start experimenting to find your own method :)

  Ayaveen (1) 12.04.03 15:58:11    

An other tip:
Talents points are important in the game. The star table represents the training level of a horse (plus the bonus given at birth), but the talent points are inherited and can‘t be changed.

You can view the toplist, to find out what is the current leading amount for a specific breed.
Talent points are important factors if you want to compete!

  -Larka- (59351) 12.04.27 21:58:11    

Is there any way to earn the currency you have here?

  Ayaveen (1) 12.04.28 11:43:03    


Yes there are several ways. :)
- selling good horses
- offering coverings
- competitions
- (the current Easter game)
- selling tacks
- solving the quiz
- working your horses

You can choose from many options.
The most common and easy one: click here for description
For this method it is advised to use either a mule or a donkey.

The help section offers other useful information! :)
Click here to reach the help section.

I hope this helped.

  rideoncowgirl (59406) 12.06.06 19:45:44    

how long till the foal is born ?

in real life it is a year

in howrse it is a year but they use agging points eachageing point =2 months.

so how dose it work here?

  Ayaveen (1) 12.06.07 17:51:29    

rideoncowgirl: this game is turn based. You have to take turns to make your horse older and get 15 action points again. In each turn you have 15 action points that you can spend on your horse, you decide what do you want to do (training, working, racing...)
1 turn is 2 weeks in the game. You have to take 22 turns (44 weeks = 11 month)
You don‘t have to wait, there are no limitations in this game regarding turns or the use of action points. :)

I hope this helped. Feel free to ask questions here if you need help, we help you gladly.

  merel200 (74658) 13.06.03 15:23:28    

Hey, my mare is already certain 4 weeks pregnant.
They would normally already long given birth??
How long will that take??

  Russaria (76471) 13.06.29 11:23:26    


It can take as long or as little time as you want, from time of your breeding until birth. YOU control how long it takes. With every turn you take = 2 weeks in game time. If you take 22 turns your foal will then be born. So the time it takes is how ever long it takes you to click the “take turn“ button 22 times.

The take turn button is at the top of your horse‘s profile page.

  Russaria (76471) 13.06.30 10:11:26    

Do players bother to click the stall options on work horses, like mules? Is there any harm or penalty? I realize it may not be “nice“ but does one have to do the stall upkeep on just a workhorse?

  Buzzsaw (97025) 16.04.12 21:33:11    

I click the care button for all my horses. It only costs 5 Zsz a turn to feed them, and they earn back much more than that. I may be wrong but I think you need more vet visits if you don‘t look after them properly.

  doodle (98335) 16.07.11 19:37:47    

Hello everyone! I just started yesterday and am trying to figure out how to succeed in this game. I have two questions:

What should I be saving zsz for? I gather it‘s not a good use of time to try to train my foundation horse, but I can use her to earn money. Is it a good idea to save for a crafting permit? Or is there a more useful thing to buy first?

How do I raise talent points and docility? Do I just need to breed to a horse with higher stats here? And if so, how did people get high talent points/stats in the first place?

If anyone could answer it would be very helpful! This game seems very fun, but I am still confused.

  SweetBerries (98218) 16.10.02 12:08:33    


What should I be saving zsz for? It is not a good time to buy foundation horses when you have just started, since you would start of with 4500zsz (I think it‘s that amount but I know it‘s that low). I would recommend you not getting a crafting permit just yet. What you should buy first is expanding your stable/pasture To level 4, that way you can train your horses easier, and do the quiz to get quizpoints, this is also another way to get into the daily toplist. This way you earn both money and a quizpoint.

How do I raise talent points and docility? You can breed with your horse with a higher talented stat horse, as this is the quickest way and your horse will perform well in shows, thus being able to getting to the top of the toplist. People, bred their horses and training them to get good docility and training points. The quickest way is to, breed them or buy one, I would breed your mare as it would be cheaper to breed a stallion which will be 7k, rather than buying one as they may cost a lot.

Welcome to hokalovi! I remember my first time being on and was so confused, there is a help button next to toplist for more helpful tips.

Also, once you have upgraded your stable/pasture and got enough money and quizpoint you can get the crafting permit. It maybe boring but, you it will be easier to play afterwards.

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