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Breeding, training and gameplay tips for hokalovi horses

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 15:37:16    

You can share your tips and knowledge here.

This is a collection created by the community. You can use these information to become successful in breeding, training and gameplay.

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.12.01 20:02:19    

Here is some tips for those of you who do not know what they are for and what they improve on when improving your horses stats.

These are icons where they improve your horses stats;
Gait and Movement = Gait
Cross Country = Speed and Stamina
Gallop= Speed
Steep Slope= Stamina
Obstacle Field= Gait and Speed
Swimming= Stamina and Speed
Dressage= Discipline
Harness and Signal= Teamwork
Relaxation= Mood + 1 (Helps to increase your horses energy)

These action points helps, to increase your horses energy;
Action Points:
Pasture= Mood + 1
Treat= Mood + 2
Stroke= Mood + 1
Care: Mood + 1

Hoped this helped.

  Jasmineae (101521) 17.09.30 01:44:22    

Breeding- Like to find out if I breed my crossbreed mare to a purebred stallion of any breed will I eventually get a purebred as well. Or would it be better if I buy a purebred from the store and/or other players from the start.

  Honorwildlife (104410) 21.11.22 20:45:02    

if you started youre own bloodline is the way you get the 90 D by INBREEDING? Are there tips if you want to make a succes out of youre bloodline?

  Rhiannon66 (101845) 23.03.08 04:22:41    

Just letting any English players know , me and my brothers do still play, feel free to contact with any questions or just to befriend. It is a fun game once you know how to play it and set your goals.

  Rhiannon66 (101845) 23.03.08 04:39:41    

I am an English player, feel free to friend and contact me with any inquires as well. It only "Looks" complicated, once you get the hang of things it‘s quite an underrated and fun game.

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.08 04:41:44    

Friend and contact me if you wish, I‘d be happy to answer any questions if I can. Some of us are still hanging around.

  DeclanRhys (101871) 23.03.08 21:21:26    

I‘m still kicking it here too, I come and go but can usually be found around the site. Hit me up with a Friend request if you need anythng.

  Rhiannon66 (101845) 23.03.10 11:06:31    

What‘s the easiest or most lucrative contest type to train your horses in?

In my opinion, as I‘ve found for me personally I choose :
1) Western Pleasure
2) Cross Country

I find these 2 the most easy to achieve success in. So I‘d suggest choosing one of those 2 to create your best line of contest horses.

  KatnissEverdeen (104669) 23.03.10 15:29:14    

I just got my 1st bloodline and at first I was trying Dressage, but I think you‘re right, I am having more success with Western Pleasure so am going to make my line a Western Pleasure line. Good information to know.

  DeclanRhys (101871) 23.03.11 11:33:41    

Most off mine are Cross Country trained. I find it frustrating sometimes though. Formula seems to go a bit wonky after 10 year range. Can be great early on but in later classes it seems to go off the rails easily. But as long as you deal in quantity and know when to give up on a pony‘s career it‘s a good class to concentrate on.

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.11 14:55:40    

Mine are the same, I settled on Cross Country. So Far I‘ve only tried CC, Dressage and Western Discipline. Cross Country can indeed seem to become very unstable after about age 9-11. Even with high talent once a pony reaches age 9 or so they can go for awhile or really turn into no-showers. I‘m not sure why the formula becomes so unstable and hard to manage after mid-life. But I still make a lot of money from early contesting and sometimes I‘ll have one go to age 17-18 hitting first place.

I also agree it seems Western Pleasure is pretty easy to maintain good shows after age 10. Though I cannot speak to the other contest classes. Maybe someone who has more experience with those can speak to there formulas.

  Russaria (76471) 23.03.11 14:59:24    

Another Game-play tip for newcomers. Get 2 pieces of paper, and mark out lines 1-111. Then as you do the quiz write down the answers next to the appropriate number. Tedious, but once you have all the answers taking the quiz will not be a frustrating anymore and you can get your stables and pastures up easier.

  ChristoWebb (104697) 23.03.28 04:50:17    

Lots of great tips here, really got me off to a good start, thanks everyone for the help.

  KatnissEverdeen (104669) 23.03.28 08:02:29    

Welcome aboard, nice to see another player joining up.

  Kara5690 (104806) 23.08.11 19:37:03    

So can we breed a crossbreed with a pure bred at all to get something other than a cross? Or can people actually benefit from breeding just cross. I want to breed my first mare. But. . . I dont want to get stuck with a bunch of crosses. I could start a bloodline, but. Eh. I‘m not that used to the game.

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