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Breeding, training and gameplay tips for hokalovi horses

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 15:37:16    

You can share your tips and knowledge here.

This is a collection created by the community. You can use these information to become successful in breeding, training and gameplay.

  KatieLovesHorse (99031) 16.12.01 20:02:19    

Here is some tips for those of you who do not know what they are for and what they improve on when improving your horses stats.

These are icons where they improve your horses stats;
Gait and Movement = Gait
Cross Country = Speed and Stamina
Gallop= Speed
Steep Slope= Stamina
Obstacle Field= Gait and Speed
Swimming= Stamina and Speed
Dressage= Discipline
Harness and Signal= Teamwork
Relaxation= Mood + 1 (Helps to increase your horses energy)

These action points helps, to increase your horses energy;
Action Points:
Pasture= Mood + 1
Treat= Mood + 2
Stroke= Mood + 1
Care: Mood + 1

Hoped this helped.

  Jasmineae (101521) 17.09.30 01:44:22    

Breeding- Like to find out if I breed my crossbreed mare to a purebred stallion of any breed will I eventually get a purebred as well. Or would it be better if I buy a purebred from the store and/or other players from the start.

  Honorwildlife (104410) 21.11.22 20:45:02    

if you started youre own bloodline is the way you get the 90 D by INBREEDING? Are there tips if you want to make a succes out of youre bloodline?

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