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Questions: About the game

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 14:20:55    

Welcome to the question zone!

If you need some help feel free to use this forum! :)
We are more than happy to help you out!

(Do not forget the the help section. It can answer most of your questions regarding the general gameplay. You can access the help section HERE)

Please note: the English part of the game doesn‘t have a big user base yet. It may take some time to get your answer.
We hope this will change in the near future! ^^

  jantha (102837) 18.10.29 23:54:14    

How do I level up my account?

  Hebe (102873) 18.11.09 20:56:31    

tip: since englidh is not widley used pull up your secondary menu it will have a bar that will say translate to ‘your language‘ click this bar and it will translate yor page to your native language
I had a question how can I import a horse? Can I buy foundation horses?

  Hebe (102873) 18.11.11 02:14:26    

can quiz points be traded for another currency

  Bogger2001 (88589) 18.11.11 15:46:39    

jantha: what do you mean by that? The accounts don‘t have levels.

Hebe: you import a horse by going to My Game --> Hokalovi Village --> Hokalovi marketplace --> Foundation horses. These horses are at a fix price, 7000 Zsz.
And no, as far as I know quiz points cannot be traded for another currency.

  Hebe (102873) 18.11.11 23:08:10    

what are quizpoint used for and how can i earn credits

  Bogger2001 (88589) 18.11.12 20:58:51    

Quizpoints are used for catching wild horses, writing on the message wall, and construction. Credits can be bought with real-life currency in the Hungarian version, but if you look at the page (click on "credit" at the top), you‘ll see the purchase is not solved for non-hungarian players. However, hungarian players often offer credits for Zsz, which you can gain in the game, thus you can still get credits, even if you don‘t want to pay real-life money. I hope I could help.

  DeclanRhys (101871) 18.12.08 06:50:12    

SO frustrating that we cannot buy credits! Like no one in Hungary can get a paypal account? No way for us to be able to make bloodlines with the rare horses. :-(

  Shang (103308) 19.04.23 21:06:38    

hi im breed try to breed my mare with a stallion and it not working?

  Spirit15 (97538) 20.04.04 14:29:36    

How do bloodlines work? There is‘t much on them.

  Spirit15 (97538) 20.04.12 09:53:46    

What are pencils used for?

  Russaria (76471) 20.10.20 15:44:05    

what are bloodline points and how do we use them? I don‘t remember seeing them before is it new? what can we do or use them for?

  Rhiannon66 (101845) 20.10.21 16:14:15    

Good question about the Bloodline "points". Wish this place was more active.

  Honorwildlife (104410) 21.11.22 20:03:23    

if you started youre own bloodline is the way you get the 90 D by INBREEDING? Are there tips if you want to make a succes out of youre bloodline?

  lippilover (104616) 22.12.23 02:26:55    

  Rhiannon66 (101845) 23.03.08 04:31:07    

To the Bloodlines questions, you cannot breed siblings and parent/child. But yes you can inbreed beyond that, it is possible to get a 90+ in just a couple hours of playtime. Provided you have the money for breeding and the room. Your starters a-f. Breed A+B - offspring, C+D = offspring. breed those two together. Breed E-F = offspring, breed it with the ab-cd offspring. back and forth afterwards just avoiding direct siblings and parent-child breedings, beyond that will work. Just try to breed your highest docility to which ever horse will breed with it until you reach the magic 90. It really doesn‘t take long.

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