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Questions: About the game

  Ayaveen (1) - 1. 12.03.16 14:20:55    

Welcome to the question zone!

If you need some help feel free to use this forum! :)
We are more than happy to help you out!

(Do not forget the the help section. It can answer most of your questions regarding the general gameplay. You can access the help section HERE)

Please note: the English part of the game doesn‘t have a big user base yet. It may take some time to get your answer.
We hope this will change in the near future! ^^

  Russaria (76471) 13.08.21 12:14:55    

You get action points each time you take a turn on a horse. It has 15 action points per turn, once you use those you must take a turm and the points reset for that horse.

  juliadahlstrom (77375) 13.09.19 23:45:00    

how do u get a kr and what are they?

  juliadahlstrom (77375) 13.09.21 19:53:35    

how do i get my horse in to a contest?

  Russaria (76471) 13.09.23 01:32:41    

DO you mean Credits? Credits can be obtained by selling horse (put them up for credits instead of money on the sales page of the horse). You can also get the features that credits are used for...such as the monthly premium feature (quick turns) by doing the quiz page. Just do the quizzes until you have 50 points. You can make money by doing the jobs with your mule or donkey or crossbreed. As for contests, once the animal is 2yers old you can go to its career page and enter contests.

YOu can read the faqs or read here about the game , it has good english explanations. http://englishhokalovi.proboards.com/

  Pippin (85829) 14.04.24 05:58:29    

hello. I am new and I got the free crossbreed when I started. I would like to know if I can breed her to any other breed or does it have to be another crossbreed?

  Ayaveen (1) 14.05.17 07:22:57    

Hello Pippin, welcome to the game! :)

You can breed crossbreed horses to any other breed except mules since they are infertile.

  ladymischief (87416) 14.07.01 17:15:49    

Hi,i have only been playing for 1 day.I really enjoy the game,but have a couple of questions about it. 1.which is better pastures or boxes? 2. do you start with
a certain amount and then when you get more horses have to purchase more?
thank you for your help

  Flighty (92442) 15.03.17 00:34:57    

I‘ve been looking in the sales section for a horse to buy, but they‘re all way over the amount of money I have. How do I find one within price range?

  MysticMoon (94820) 15.09.07 08:12:32    

Is there anyone who can help me translate a PM? thank you

  sad (95024) 15.09.21 12:47:21    

PM = private message
At what age my horse will die? HOw to make it immortal?

  Bonniebunny (95326) 15.10.22 21:54:26    

At what age dose a horses die and how to I show my horses I can‘t figure it out.
Thanks you.

  equestrain (95479) 15.11.05 03:45:36    

hey I am new to this game, i was wondering how do you know which horse is a good horse to buy?

  Soreiru (27284) 16.01.28 03:23:25    

Horses dies after age 30.98
You can‘t make them immortal.

Good horses are the ones with high talent points in our own breed.
The summation stat is important too. 1500-1700 sumpoints are pretty good on foals.

  Soreiru (27284) 16.01.28 03:27:06    

And I‘m sure Mystic was thinking about a hungarian message. But I don‘t think it‘s actual... :D

  Saharah100 (96753) 16.02.23 08:07:41    

How do you get Zsz (money) on this game ?

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